The Vice President (DRS) candidate Bethan Dovey explained her policies and answered questions. The only other candidate she is running against is RON (Re-open nominations).

Second year student in International Relations with Political Science. Guild Elections Correspondent
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Bethan ‘Lovey’ Dovey, running for Vice President of Democracy, Resources and Sustainability (VPDRS), outlined her three main policies at the VP hustings last night. She is the only candidate running against ‘Re-Open Nominations’, ‘RON’.


Dovey wishes, firstly, to ‘support student business’ by seeing the Guild ‘actively engaging’ with students by ‘offering a student business fair and business workshops’. Secondly, she wants to make getting FAB tickets easier by making the online release of tickets weekly rather than termly. Finally, Beth’s main policy, and her most drastic is that she wants to ‘scrap Guild Council’.  She wants to ‘replace it with something that actually actively engages with students that’s designed by them’. She plans to ‘consult them on how it works next year.’

When asked how she envisions scrapping Guild Council, Dovey replied that this would be undertaken in accordance with the Democratic Structures Review (DSR), which is currently under review. She continued saying that she hopes the DSR is ratified by Guild Council, because if it so, then it will then go through to a student referendum. The DSR is a report on Guild democracy that has been compiled by a Students’ Union consultant who have been hired by the Guild to review how the Guild is run in the hope to make the democracy it more representative and efficient.

Beth’s main policy, and her most drastic is that she wants to ‘scrap Guild Council’.

Dovey argues that the DSR still needs ‘tweaking’, particularly regarding the ‘removal of non-sabbatical officers’ including the student liberation officers.  ‘Having spoken to a lot of people from liberation groups in question,’ she is firmly against this proposal. However, she went on to say that even if the officers do get removed, she wishes to ‘make sure that liberation autonomy is top priority.’

Dovey would like to ‘see the Guild communicating more effectively’. She would also like to ‘better advertise’ when and where things like Guild Council are happening, and provide more information packs for freshers as well as having more activities available during welcome week to ‘grab freshers…to stop them being apathetic’ to Guild Politics throughout the year.

When asked what she thought about drinks’ prices at Joe’s Bar, she stated that she would ‘love to see them cheaper’, but because she believes that Joe’s is ‘not technically under our control’, she said she’s ‘not sure how to do that’ and that it is something she ‘will still like to continue next year.’