Vice Presidential candidates Deborah Hermanns, Joe Armer and Dan Bellamy discuss their policies.

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Education appeared to be a subject that students were particularly interested in, due to the numerous questions asked. Candidates Joe Armer, Daniel Bellamy and Deborah Hermanns took 60 seconds to outline their policies before turning their attention to the floor.

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The three appeared to share a lot of the same ideas; when asked about unconditional offers they all agreed that the university appears to be offering more places than they can manage, hence the housing crisis at the start of this academic year. Deborah pointed out that the university needs to count how many offers they are able to provide, while Dan labelled it reckless. Dan also focussed on the fact that exams become the only method of assessment, and Joe expanded that this was arbitrary and that it was necessary to look at the effect this was having.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 23.54.19However, their opinions differed when asked how they would avoid being side-lined by the university. Joe disagreed with the question and thought that the university had a good relationship with the guild and that they had had a constructive year. Dan expressed that he would use the threat of direct action if necessary and Deborah thought the relationship was a huge problem that needed to be fixed and that the staff and students should be in control.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 23.54.31Another question that sparked differing views was the subject of why cuts were being made by the university. Dan thought that the university were simply trying to save some money, whereas Joe believed it was due to the vast number of students taken on this year. Deborah was of the opinion that the university’s money was going to the wrong places.

Their session was brought to a close as there was not enough time to respond to all the questions.