Redbrick Film critics Harry Acheson, Jessica Norton and Patrick Box take a look at a host of trailer’s for some of this year’s most anticipated movies; including the final trailer for Rogue One

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Army of One

After what started to look like an era of a “McConaissance” for Nicolas Cage, with films such as Joe (2014), Cage has taken what looks like a complete swerve in career choice with some of his recent films, some not even making it to cinema. Cage seems set to continue this trend with wacky-comedy, Army of One (2016). Army of One is based on the true story of Gary Faulkner (Cage), who receives a message from God (Russell Brand) that he must be the individual to kill Osama Bin Laden. With no real experience or training, Faulkner heads on a trip to Pakistan with an outrageous sense of perseverance and a sword bought from a home shopping network. Of course we know Faulkner doesn’t succeed, however the story of his attempt seems enough to entertain. Although this film looks ridiculous, and with the theatrical history of the director, Larry Charles (Borat, The Dictator), it has the potential of not being to everyone’s taste, however from just the glimpse of what we’ve seen of Cage’s acting in this alone, it seems more than enough to give this film a chance. Army of One is set for release on 4 November 2016 in the US, and straight to a Blu-Ray, DVD and VOD releaser there on 15 November. There is no sign of when a UK release will be yet, but there’s no way we’re going to miss another chance to see a crazy Nic Cage on-screen.

The Monster 

The director of The Strangers (2008), Bryan Bertino, is back after taking a very quiet 6 years, with some surprisingly unsuccessful films, considering the success of his debut. His next film, The Monster, looks to be far more promising. The Monster follows a divorced mother (Zoe Kazan) and her daughter who take a late-night emergency trip to see the daughter’s father. As they drive through deserted roads on a stormy night, they have a startling collision with an animal, whilst both are left unheard the car is damaged. As they try to get help, they soon realise that they’re not alone in the woods, since there is an unknown evil trying to get a hold of them. The film seems to have a very simple 80s horror feel about it and the trailer is very intense. It’s not until about a minute into the trailer that you realise it’s a monster movie, and not too much is given away, but it looks to be a satisfying horror. There isn’t yet an official release date for the UK, however it is set for limited release in the US on November 11th, but hopefully we’ll get this 80s-feeling horror soon after.

Both by Harry Acheson


The trailer for Allied opens with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard looking very glamourous and badass, shooting some Nazis. But don’t let that fool you – this film looks a lot more nuanced and tense than the first few seconds of the trailer would have you believe, and it is widely considered as an Oscar contender. It tells the supposedly-true story of an intelligence officer (Pitt) and a French resistance fighter (Cotillard), who meet while working undercover during World War Two. They fall in love, move to London, have a baby, and it seems like they’ll get their happily-ever-after, until Pitt’s character is told that his wife might be a German spy. He has 72 hours to find out the truth. If she is a spy, he must kill her, or be killed himself. High stakes indeed. It’s directed by Robert Zemeckis, who brought us classics like Forrest Gump and Back to the Future, so if that’s anything to go by, it should be good. However, it has been overshadowed by the Brangelina breakup, with accusations that Pitt had an affair with Cotillard whilst making this film, which both have denied. Don’t let that put you off though – it looks to be a winner. Allied is in cinemas on 25th November.

By Jessica Norton

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

After a spectacular Teaser and somewhat lacklustre second trailer, we enter the final phase of Disney’s marketing campaign for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with this spectacularly edited “final” trailer which showcases much to get excited about but does little to quell the worries I have for this film. For starters it is worth noting this is the first appearance of Danish actor Mads Mikkelson playing Galen Erso the father of protagonist Jyn (Felicity Jones). It is also the first time Riz Ahmed’s Bohdi and Ben Mendelson’s Director Krennic are shown delivering dialogue despite the fact both characters have featured in the previous marketing (we discover Bohdi is the one who gives their unit the titular callsign Rogue One). There are some spectacular set-pieces hinted at in the trailer (the sequence showing Baze and Chirrut dodging the feet of an AT AT as it crushes through the undergrowth is straight out of my dream journal) and some gorgeous shots (Vader advancing out of smoke, Krennic and his Deathtroopers coming to kidnap Galen) but the problems of the previous trailers still persist. The dialogue veers between being painfully expositional and just plain hammy, and the film has created for itself an uphill struggle by simultaneously introducing a slew of new characters that we are expected to care for. Yet, despite all this, December 6th can’t come soon enough where you’ll find me first in line to jump back into a galaxy far far away…

By Patrick Box