Redbrick takes a look at this week’s trailers, from blockbusters to indie favourites

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The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Welcome to Chris Hemsworth: Jon Snow edition. Watch as Thor trades a hammer for an axe and a Scottish accent. Captain Huntsman: Winter’s Soldier is the realisation that the villain is the most important part of a fairy tale , and that every trailer for this series still needs ‘Mirror, Mirror’ in it. Directed by the visual effects supervisor of the previous film, and written by the guys who gave us Hercules with The Rock, The Hangover Part 2 and 3 and Scary Movie Part 3 and 4, expectations aren’t exactly that high. At least this one looks a lot less ‘young adult novel’ –ish, without Kristen Stewart and the screenwriter of Divergent. Be wowed by the visual effects and heavily choreographed fight scenes, be amazed by the mature take on a children’s story, something totally never done before. Is this more of the same, or a move toward the typical action movie style? Still, the cast is strong, and Jessica Chastain seems to be making the role her own.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

In the memoirs that inspired this film, Kim Barker wrote that she felt like a Tina Fey character in Afghanistan, and now she is. Tina Fey must be the most likeable American comedienne. While she has found her footing on the small screen, the leap to film puts her in competition with the heavyweights of the genre, but considering Ben Stiller’s latest, Zoolander 2, hardly lived up to expectations, and the likes of Adam Sandler are barely hanging on. Now is the perfect time for a changing of the guard, and from the looks of it WTF has all the trappings of a great comedy. These trailers keep coming out with more and more laughs, pulling in that M*A*S*H spirit of dark humour to pull through a hellish environment. With Robert Carlock, writer for 30 Rock and SNL, and actors Martin Freeman, Alfred Molina and Margot Robbie along for the ride, WTF has a strong cast to boot. I’m looking at this as the next great comic film instead of Ghostbusters. But it’ll be hard to top Grandma.

Both James Moore


Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass is set to be released on 27th May after years of development and production – clearly needed, as the trailer boasts a heavy use of special effects, which are required to build up Tim Burton’s image of Wonderland. Promising a lot as a sequel, complete with its original cast much to the excitement of many, the alteration in director appears not to taint Burton’s obvious stamp on the film, despite the director of The Muppets, James Bobin, taking over. Whilst the introduction of the trailer promises something rather clinical, blaming Alice’s daydreaming on ‘female hysteria’, before she is seen escaping the hospital in which she has been placed. The trailer is bursting at the seams with jump cuts of action and adventure, leaving one to wonder whether or not the entire film has been disclosed there and then. If that is the case, this film looks exciting but so true to the original that it appears to be rather repetitive. That said, as Alice in Wonderland was so aesthetically pleasing and nostalgic for many, it should be an enjoyable watch nonetheless.

Abigail Greenwood 


Swiss Army Man

Were you to have to said me that this year, one of my most anticipated films would be Swiss Army Man, I’d probably either have laughed at you, or asked you, ‘What the hell is Swiss Army Man?’ The movie industry is currently thought by many to be going stale; superhero movies and, annoyingly, remakes of other superhero movies seem to be the order of the day, so it feels perfect that a film that looks to be this zany, warm in spirit, and undeniably original is on our horizons. It ticks all the boxes: did it do well at Sundance? Yes. Is Paul Dano making yet another interesting career move? Yes. Is Daniel Radcliffe doing the same? Yes. Did people walk out of the screening because of how polarising it was? Yes. Yes. Yes. If there’s one film I couldn’t be more excited to see it, it’s this. With Dano playing a man stranded on a desert island, and Radcliffe his salvation in the form of a re-animated flatulent corpse, whether for good or bad, Swiss Army Man isn’t to be missed.

Jess Ennis