Redbrick Film critic Roshni Patel is excited for two trailer releases in particular this week.

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Rogue One

As the first trailer is released for Star Wars: Rogue One, I can’t help but feel like Disney has the whole film making and release schedule down to a science. While I’m sure that not every film is perfect or as good as Tangled, they know how to make money, to keep fans and movie goers going to the box offices. So it comes as no surprised that this December, they’ll be capitalising on all the Star Wars fans once again for Rogue One, the film to tide them over ’til Episode VIII. Set in the past, during the original trilogy, we’ll be seeing lots of familiar characters and settings, such as Rebel Leader Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly), the death star and even the return of Lucas’ famed wipe cuts. Starring an Imperial bad guy (Ben Mendelsohn) we can’t even name yet and a foreboding Forest Whitaker, this trailer has us screaming for more as it ends with the female lead, Jyn (Felicity Jones), in an Imperial Tie pilot’s uniform.



Following Disney’s live action remake trend, comes Steven Spielberg’s CGI rendition of the much loved Roahl Dahl classic, The BFG, which is his first film with Disney. From the look of the trailer it does look like Spielberg may capture some of the winning features of the animated original, especially since The BFG is a story he loved reading to his own children. Starring Oscar-winning Mark Rylance, alongside Ruby Barnhill, Bill Hader, Penelope Wilton and Rebecca Hall, this film has potential, but with many of the past attempts at live action receiving mixed critic reactions, can The BFG do much better? With Spielberg at the helm, we can only hope so.


Roshni Patel