Gurnesha Bola, James Moore and Roshni Patel review the latest trailers for Redbrick Film.

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Combating the January slump, Gurnesha Bola, James Moore, and Roshni Patel review a variety of exciting new trailers – from Scandinavian disaster movie to Hollywood financial thriller, there’s a whole host of genres hitting our screens this year.


Green Room

Jeremy Saulnier’s last feature, Blue Ruin, not only gave us a masterclass in the taut, minimalist thriller but also launched him as a director to watch. He now returns with Green Room, following a young punk band touring the dilapidated gig venues of America, when one night they have the misfortune of witnessing the violent deeds of a group of white supremacist skinheads, led by non-other than Sir Patrick Stewart (yes, you did read that correctly!) The short length of the clip works perfectly for the general effect – the aesthetic is muted and pervaded by a forbidding darkness, and its brooding tone works up to the imminent sense of violence. Aside from one of Britain’s most prestigious actors leading the way, Saulnier has also managed to assemble an impressive cast of young Brits including Joe Cole (Peaky Blinders), Callum Turner (Glue), and Imogen Poots (Need for Speed) – alongside other talented fresh faces such as Anton Yelchin and Alia Shawkat. This has the potential to be one of the indies of the year.


Money Monster

Jodie Foster helms a film that arrives during the new-wave vogue for movies about finance (see The Big Short). Loud and obnoxious Wall Street Guru, Lee Gates (Clooney), is held hostage live on air by a man who has lost everything on a gamble encouraged by his advice. When details first emerged, the plot and the casting seemed to have got it right – including Jack O’Connell, one of the best young British exports we have right now, taking the lead. However, the trailer has some key issues. Mainly, it seems to be giving too much away; from a tense hostage situation we are quickly catapulted to a newfound camaraderie between its two leads and a capitalist conspiracy that leads right to the top. I also found the choice of music created a disjuncture between the action and tone. It still remains worth a watch for its performances alone, and to see how the narrative unravels in its full run time, particularly as it was once a ‘Black List’ screenplay, suggesting it could be a more nuanced journey than the trailer captures.

Both Gurnesha Bola



Now this is a good trailer. It’s got style. It’s got as much character as it needs and delightfully dark humour. Not to mention excellent use of sound. It’s different from your typical trailer music too, after a while all trailers end up feeling the same, but not this one. The camerawork actually stands out: just stop and look at some of those cuts – the composition, the lighting, it’s all great; maybe that’s to be expected of the combination of Jean-Marc Vallée and Yves Bélanger we saw in Dallas Buyers Club. While the fundamentals of the plot are given away that’s to be expected of a trailer, and well, it was predictable enough already.  Does this look like it’s worth it? Sure, if you’re into this genre. I actually enjoyed watching this trailer, so even if the film sucks at least the trailer was good.


Imperial Dreams

This is an unusual one. Imperial Dreams was first shown two years at Sundance, but has yet to be distributed, despite numerous accolades. Fortunately because of star John Boyega’s recent success in Star Wars fans have started calling for Imperial Dreams to be released. While the trailer doesn’t exactly stand out, there’s no music or anything much which catches you at all, and the story may seem to be relatively simple. But you can absolutely see exactly why Boyega was cast for Star Wars, his talent as actor pervades so quickly. This could very well be worth looking at if John Boyega caught your attention.


The Wave

Beautiful scenery, beautiful camerawork and a siren that sounds like hell: what more could you want.  Based on true events The Wave is a Scandinavian epic disaster movie, and who doesn’t love those. What’s left to be seen with this film is how well it manages to get over the inherent silliness of the genre; sometimes a disaster movie takes itself too seriously and ends up being laughable, never managing to make the threat tangible enough. Looking at the trailer, I can’t but feel like everyone is just going to die, but obviously that won’t happen. All that said, The Wave was the highest grossing film in Norway of 2015, so it’s proved itself before. You would think everyone would have just not rebuilt after the first wave, but hey, no film otherwise. And it’s supposedly based on a real place: Åkneset.


Evangelion 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo

We finally get a trailer for the English DVD release of Rebuild 3.33, more than 3 years after it came out in Japan. The English release was delayed because the dub was rejected on the Japanese side, which almost never happens. So for the DVD release a new dub was made, but strangely this is the original rejected dub audio. The trailer does a good job of deceiving you into thinking this is all action; in actuality 3.33 is one of the slowest and weirdest films I’ve seen; 3.33 uses every trick in the book to make you feel unsettled. While it is the worst received Evangelion film, I personally thought it was the best besides End of: taking everything good about the series up to 11 and then some. Don’t watch this without seeing at least the first 2 Rebuild films – or do, and be horribly confused.

All above by James Moore


Suicide Squad

Its DCU vs MCU, Suicide Squad vs Guardians of the Galaxy, as DC’s new trailer humurously introduces all the characters to the beat of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. This trailer was a stark contrast from the first one, which was initially released at ComiCon last year and showed the film as a darker anti-hero film, set to a haunting cover of ‘I Started A Joke’ by The Bee Gees. I personally love how this trailer has not only showed us even more of the characters, especially the kooky Harley Quinn, but also lined up all the scenes and sounds to the music, which made looking away very difficult. This new witty trailer really reminds you, that unlike Deadpool, Fox made sure this one was a PG-13.

Roshni Patel