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Alexandra Goodwin
4th year Political Science and International Relations student

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UoB’s Women in Politics Welcomes Top Guest Speakers

Comment Editor Alex Goodwin praises the UoB Women in Politics Society Conference and links it to wider issues of gender inequality in parliament.

Posted on 29th April 2018

My White Skin and Feminism: A Balancing Act

Comment Editor Alex Goodwin discusses how we must strive to meet the demands of intersectional feminism, even if they are higher than they seem

Posted on 4th April 2018


The careers of rugby players cannot be prioritised over rape victims, argues Comment Editor Alex Goodwin

Posted on 3rd April 2018

The Women Who Inspire Redbrick

Redbrick's female editors celebrate International Women's Day by writing about the inspirational ladies in their lives.

Posted on 8th March 2018

Happy Anniversary President Trump!

Comment Writer Alex Goodwin congratulates Trump on celebrating the anniversary of his Presidency in the most fitting of ways

Posted on 29th January 2018

Live Review: King King

Comment Editor Alex Goodwin makes a return to King King shows, and tells us about the band's belated night of blues

Posted on 24th January 2018

Has the purpose of the #MeToo campaign been lost in a social media frenzy?

Comment Editor Alex Goodwin questions the latest campaigns surrounding the #MeToo movement

Posted on 22nd January 2018

Ignorance Cannot Be Blamed for Logan Paul’s Deplorable Video

Comment Editor Alex Goodwin denounces YouTuber Logan Paul's exploitation and ignorance of mental health issues

Posted on 7th January 2018

Why Do You Wear a Poppy?

Comment Editor Alex Goodwin and Comment Writer Rahim Mohamed explore their reasons for proudly displaying a poppy on Remembrance Day

Posted on 22nd November 2017

Spotlight: Student Mental Health Part 1

Comment Writers, named and anonymous, share their personal experience of suffering with mental health issues whilst at University in the first part of our spotlight

Posted on 27th October 2017

Mugabe’s Removal is Too Little, Too Late

Comment Editor Alex Goodwin argues that the negative impact of Mugabe's position as a WHO goodwill ambassador surpasses his removal

Posted on 25th October 2017

The Struggles of a Journalist in a Social Networking World

Comment Editor Alex Goodwin discusses the negative effects of social media on journalism.

Posted on 19th October 2017