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    A Match Made in Majorca- Is the First Love Island Marriage Milking the Media?

    Life&Style writer Olivia Platten discusses the wedding of Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland and whether their decision to televise such a private occasion makes their romance appear fake and money-grabbing

    Written by Olivia Platten on 15th October 2018


    How to Cope With Long-Distance Friendships

    Deputy Editor Kat Smith considers the challenges of long-distance friendships and what the best techniques are to keep these friendships strong

    Written by Kat Smith on 29th August 2018


    Love Island and Emotional Abuse in Relationships?

    Deputy Editor Kat Smith shares her stance on Love Island's Adam and his behaviour towards women, following Women's Aid's statement

    Written by Kat Smith on 21st June 2018


    Why do we idolise celebrity relationships?

    Life&Style's Gabrielle Taylor-Dowson looks into why so many of us become obsessed with celebrities and their relationships

    Written by Gabrielle Taylor-Dowson on 28th April 2018


    Romantic Types: Are We Restricting Ourselves Too Much?

    Life&Style editor Imogen Lancaster explains why she thinks we may be limiting ourselves by being so set on a romantic 'type'

    Written by Imogen Lancaster on 9th March 2018


    Long Distance Valentine’s Day

    Madeline McInnis shares her ideas on how to make Valentine's Day special when you are oceans away from your partner

    Written by mmcinnis on 10th February 2018


    Manthropology: Should Men Pay For Dates?

    Life and Style's Yatin Arora brings you this week's manthropology column on the controversial topic of who should pay for a date

    Written by Yatin Arora on 3rd February 2018


    Modernising the Royal Family: Is Meghan Markle the Rightful Princess?

    Charlotte Gill explains why she believes Meghan Markle will bring change to the Royal Family and society

    Written by Charlotte Gill on 9th December 2017


    Christmas Generosity: Is it Better to Give or to Receive?

    Lydia Waller reminds us of the importance of enjoying Christmas' festivities with generosity

    Written by Lydia Waller on 9th December 2017


    Stigma, Shame & Scorn: Why Perceptions of Young Parents need to Change

    Life&Style writer Rhiannon Ketteringham argues that the stigma around teen pregnancy has no place in modern society

    Written by Rhiannon on 29th October 2017


    Sex at University: Are We Under Too Much Pressure?

    Beth Lewis reminds us to ignore society's pressure surrounding sex

    Written by Bethan Lewis on 26th October 2017


    Dealing with Loneliness at University

    Phoebe Hughes-Broughton discusses her experiences of loneliness at university and how she dealt with it

    Written by Phoebe Hughes-Broughton on 25th October 2017
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