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    Humanity Must Overcome Anger

    News Editor Tom Leaman discusses the recent revoking of Shamima Begum's citizenship, and whether it was the most humane and democratic thing to do

    Written by Tom Leaman on 18th March 2019


    The Independent Group: Doomed to Fail

    Jonathan Korn argues that the newly-formed Independent Group will be lucky to succeed in the current electoral climate

    Written by Jonathan Korn on 12th March 2019


    The Lady is for Turning (and so is he)

    In light of another impending Brexit vote in the Commons, Comment's Alex Boscott discusses the impact parliamentary U-turns are having on the process

    Written by Alex Boscott on 4th March 2019


    Intervention Means Emancipation for Venezuelans

    Oscar Gray argues that the US have a responsibility to intervene in Venezuela to ensure that Venezuelan citizens have the right to self-determination

    Written by ojgray on 19th February 2019


    The Irish Problem: A History

    Comment Writer Jonathan Korn gives an account of Irish history, placing it in context of current Brexit negotiations and explains why the backstop is so contentious

    Written by Jonathan Korn on 18th February 2019


    Activists Aim to Trump Trans Ban

    Holly Pittaway discusses the emerging activism against the US transgender military ban

    Written by Holly Pittaway on 14th February 2019


    The Arrest of Matthew Hedges

    Comment writer Alex Boscott discusses the recent arrest of PhD student Matthew Hedges in the UAE for suspected spying, and criticises the way May's government has responded

    Written by Alex Boscott on 12th December 2018


    A New Form of Nationalism

    Nathan Clarke urges respect and reflection surrounding the dangers of nationalism and far-right populism, arguing that we must work towards peace in Europe

    Written by Nathan Clarke on 7th December 2018


    Jamal Khashoggi and Western Hypocrisy

    The western criticism of the murder of Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi is hypocritical argues comment's Holly Pittaway

    Written by Holly Pittaway on 6th December 2018


    The Beginning of the End for Brexit?

    Comment's Luke Wheeler discusses the release of Theresa May's final Brexit deal, and the repercussions this may have on her position in the Conservative party

    Written by Luke Wheeler on 25th November 2018


    2018 Budget: A Step in the Right Direction

    Alex Boscott discusses the effects of the Chancellor's new budget on young people across the UK

    Written by Alex Boscott on 22nd November 2018


    Alone in the Cold

    As the temperature drops we must act on our moral and social responsibility to help rough sleepers, argues Alex Cirant-Taljaard

    Written by Alex Cirant-Taljaard on 21st November 2018
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