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Engaging the Youth in Politics is No Easy Fix

Are Undergraduates Going Under?

Fashion For The Many, Not The Few

It’s Time to Take Student Safety Seriously

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    Engaging the Youth in Politics is No Easy Fix

    Comment writer Hannah Lay argues that there is no magic answer to getting young people engaged in politics

    Written by Hannah Lay on 20th October 2018


    Rail Review: A Very Cross Country

    Comment writer Peter Amor reports on the upcoming review into the rail system, and how this may affect students and other rail users nationwide

    Written by Peter Amor on 15th October 2018


    Brett Kavanaugh Is No Joke

    Turning Brett Kavanaugh into a comedic figure only serves to undermine the case against him, argues Deputy Editor Kat Smith

    Written by Kat Smith on 14th October 2018


    It’s Time to Educate Young People on Class

    We need better education to burst the class bubble many young people live in, argues Deputy Editor Kat Smith

    Written by Kat Smith on 14th September 2018


    Kate Hoey and Frank Field Have Betrayed the Trust of Their Constituents

    Comment Writer Lisa McGrady argues that MPs like Kate Hoey and Frank Field must do more to regain the trust of their constituents

    Written by Lisa McGrady on 28th August 2018


    ISIS is Monstrous, But So is Capital Punishment

    In light of the extradition of two ISIS agents to the US, Comment Editor Alex Cirant-Taljaard argues that the death penalty can never be justified

    Written by Alex Cirant-Taljaard on 17th August 2018


    Liberal Hypocrisy Over the Death Penalty is Beyond Parody

    Liberal anger over Sajid Javid's decision to allow the possible execution of two Islamic State militants is dangerously misplaced, argues Comment Writer Harpreet Pannu

    Written by Harpreet Pannu on 15th August 2018


    Pressing Issues: Donald Trump and Global News Journalism

    News Editor Tom Leaman discusses whether President Trump's continued attacks on the media threaten the accuracy and freedom of the global press.

    Written by Tom Leaman on 8th August 2018


    Can NATO’s Deterrence Work With New Definition Of War?

    Comment Writer Tom Moran argues that whilst NATO has now begun to protect its own interests, it must display more willingness to act against hybrid warfare

    Written by Tom Moran on 28th July 2018


    Trump’s Brexit Blunder Should Spark Defence Discussions

    Comment Writer Oscar Gray argues that the UK can no longer rely on the US as an ally, and must look to Europe for a defensive coalition

    Written by OscarJGray on 23rd July 2018


    Trump’s Space Force: The Empire Strikes Back

    Comment writer, Lola Ogunsanya, considers whether Trump's decision to create a 'Space Force' is just another desperate reach to regain US hegemony

    Written by lolaogunsanya on 5th July 2018


    Trump’s Heartless Asylum Policy Upholds an American Tradition

    President Trump's recent executive order to keep asylum seeking families together in incarceration is a cynical attempt to deflect negative press, argues Comment Writer Amy O'Neill

    Written by Amy O'Neill on 27th June 2018
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