Life&Style Editor Serena Murphy shares her top tips for festival styling

Written by Serena Murphy
I am a third year student at the University of Birmingham studying History and Politics. I am particularly interested in writing about and engaging in debates on fashion, environmentalism, veganism, and culture.

It’s that time of year again: Festival season. AKA: running about in a field all day and experiencing every weather condition from blazing sun to pouring rain. It can be hard, especially with the UK’s temperamental weather, to know what to wear, let alone how to make it both practical and fashionable. Don’t worry – this guide will provide you with a few tips and tricks for how to stay comfortable yet stylish this festival season. You really don’t have to compromise your style for the weather!

Mesh, Mesh, Mesh:

Though a thin mesh top seems like an unlikely insulator, do not doubt its warming powers until you try it! You can easily add another layer of warmth underneath your outfit with mesh, both tights and a top. And, great news – a good mesh top is very much in style! It also doesn’t have to cost the earth. For those DIY-spirited festival goers, a cute mesh top can easily be made from old tights! Just cut a hole in the middle of the legs and chop the ends of the toes off, and you have a perfectly good mesh layer to wear under your outfit, or throw on whenever it gets colder. Even better, it can roll up and fit in almost any small bag! Not to mention, it’s giving new life to an old item of clothing, so it is better for the planet than simply disposing of your tights straight away. 

Cargo vests are a great way to both elevate your look and add the space that you need for other essentials

Maximising Pockets:

Especially when it comes to women’s clothes, pockets are either non-existent, or fit about half a phone. Yet, they are crucial for that hands-free festival experience. Luckily, pockets seem to be trending this year! Cargo vests are a great way to both elevate your look and add the space that you need for other essentials. They are very on-trend and look great on anyone! The pairing of a masculine cargo vest with a feminine skirt or lace top can create a unique silhouette and add dimension to the outfit! 

Also, big belts are making a come-back this year, so why not add one with pockets! Utility belts can be a subtle yet fashionable way to give your outfit more pockets, and the desert explorer look is everywhere this summer. Again, this belt is perfect paired with a feminine skirt and combat-style boots or cowboy boots. It is also a great way to get out of wearing the dreaded bum bag and frees up your body for maximum dancing ability.

Bum Bags:

We hate to say it – but a bum bag is often a necessity! Love them or hate them, the bum bag is an undeniable festival must-have and (believe it or not) it can even add to an outfit. Bum bags are perfect for carrying all your festival essentials (sun cream and rain poncho – often used on the same day), but don’t inhibit you from going deep into the crowd to dance!

rolling your t-shirts rather than folding when packing them will prevent creases

Crease-Proof Materials:

Especially for those last-minute packers who throw everything into a bag 10 minutes before leaving, crease-proof fabrics are essential. The last thing you want is a massive crease line down your top! Again, mesh tops are your best friend here. Other contenders are denim, polyester and nylon. But, sometimes, the best outfits do revolve around a good t-shirt. In this case, rolling your t-shirts rather than folding when packing them will prevent creases. It also frees up more space in your bag!

Camping Essentials:

If you are one of the brave souls who has a camping festival booked this year, I salute you. Though it can sometimes be a struggle, a few simple things can ease the pain! Flip flops or sliders are crucial. No matter what the weather, they give your feet a well-earned rest from the shoes you have danced around in all day, and your feet will thank you for packing them! Also, no matter what the weather forecast is, it can get colder than expected camping at night. Warm, comfy clothes like leggings and hoodies are crucial for a comfortable experience. The key to keeping warm is layering, so make sure you have a few cozy layers to slip into after a day of not wearing much! Here, the fashionable elements are allowed to go out the window, and comfort rightly reigns. 

And with that, you are ready for any weather conditions that might be thrown at you, while never having to compromise  your festival style!

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