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Switch Off: A Critical Look at Nintendo Switch Online

News: Massive Hearthstone Changes To Shake Up The Metagame

Winding Back the Clock: Time in Video Games

MKLeo Wins Smash Ultimate Summit

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    News: Massive Hearthstone Changes To Shake Up The Metagame

    James Law goes through the Hearthstone changes in the 'Year of the Dragon'. A host of changes hold along with a new expansion

    Written by James Law on 7th April 2019


    MKLeo Wins Smash Ultimate Summit

    James Law gives us a recap of the first ever Smash Ultimate Summit, a fast-paced tournament where MKLeo took the win

    Written by James Law on 31st March 2019


    XBOX Live coming to iOS and Android

    Sam Nason explores the implications of XBOX Live arriving on iOS and Android devices, as announced this month by Microsoft

    Written by Sam Nason on 30th March 2019


    News: Pandering Gone Wrong; THQ Nordic, 8chan and GamerGate

    Gaming Editor James Law questions the recent decision THQ Nordic made to host an AMA on 8chan, despite the site's controversial notoriety

    Written by James Law on 16th March 2019


    Overwatch: New Hero, Same Problems?

    Alex Green looks at the upcoming changes to Overwatch, including hero 30 Baptiste, and asks whether this will solve the game's numerous issues

    Written by Alex Green on 10th March 2019


    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Announced

    Pokefans Tom Martin and Sam Nason go through the upcoming instalments in the Pokemon series, trying to contain their overwhelming excitement

    Written by Sam Nason & Tom Martin on 7th March 2019


    Machinima Closes: The Gaming MCN of Dreams and Nightmares

    Gaming Editor Imogen Mellor undertakes a post-mortem of the quintessential, perennial gaming multi-channel network: Machinima

    Written by Imogen Mellor on 24th February 2019


    Nintendo announce Super Mario Maker 2

    Sam Nason takes a look at the recently announced Super Mario Maker 2, a sequel bursting with creativity and charm

    Written by Sam Nason on 22nd February 2019


    News: Blizzard’s Recent Nerfs in Hearthstone

    Gaming Editor James Law takes a look at the new nerfs Blizzard's Hearthstone has introduced. Will these changes shake up the meta game as promised, or are we stuck with Hunter hardships?

    Written by James Law on 14th February 2019


    Preview: Overwatch League Season 2

    Writer Alex Green previews the next season of the Overwatch League, discussing the improvements Blizzard are trying to make

    Written by Alex Green on 11th February 2019


    Nintendo Unleashes New Indie Highlights

    Editor James Law reports on Nintendo's latest featured trailers: January 2019's Indie Highlights. How do they come across?

    Written by James Law on 29th January 2019


    Donkey Kong 64 Stream Raises Over $340,000 For Trans Charity Mermaids

    Trans rights are an aspect of equality the UK is behind on. H.Bomberguy and many others attempt to change the conversation through the power of Donkey Kong

    Written by James Law on 28th January 2019
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