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Fact or Fiction: The Stories in the Media

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    Fact or Fiction: The Stories in the Media

    Luca Demetriou argues that the media often ignore facts in favour of sensationalised stories

    Written by lucademetriou on 16th April 2019


    Intervention Means Emancipation for Venezuelans

    Oscar Gray argues that the US have a responsibility to intervene in Venezuela to ensure that Venezuelan citizens have the right to self-determination

    Written by ojgray on 19th February 2019


    The End of Fake News

    Harry Thompson argues that a growing awareness of fake news has the potential to increase public trust in accredited journalists

    Written by Harry Thompson on 30th January 2019


    Has The Internet Killed Print?

    Jonathan Korn argues that the internet age signals the death of print journalism, but insists that Redbrick still thrives in print form

    Written by Jonathan Korn on 26th December 2018


    Comfort Women: An Untold History

    Holly Pittaway argues for more education and awareness of the history of Japan's comfort women

    Written by Holly Pittaway on 14th December 2018


    The Arrest of Matthew Hedges

    Comment writer Alex Boscott discusses the recent arrest of PhD student Matthew Hedges in the UAE for suspected spying, and criticises the way May's government has responded

    Written by Alex Boscott on 12th December 2018


    The French Riots: A Front Row Seat

    Comment writer Estelle Dragan shares her firsthand experiences of the recent riots taking place in France

    Written by Estelle Dragan on 12th December 2018


    Jamal Khashoggi and Western Hypocrisy

    The western criticism of the murder of Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi is hypocritical argues comment's Holly Pittaway

    Written by Holly Pittaway on 6th December 2018


    Laissez-Faire Language Learners

    As a whole, the British population are lazy and consistently exhibit a laissez-faire attitude towards learning languages, argues Alice Macfarlane

    Written by Alice Macfarlane on 4th December 2018


    A Blue Ripple Leaves a Blue Mood

    Comment Writer Tom Moran explains why the results of the recent US Midterm are more of a blue ripple than a blue wave

    Written by Tom Moran on 12th November 2018


    Voice of the Few: Voter Suppression in US Midterm Elections

    Film editor Josh Woods argues that allegations of voter suppression have cast a troubling shadow over the recent US Midterm elections

    Written by Josh Woods on 9th November 2018


    Good Leader, Bad Man?

    Comment writer Jonathan Korn explores the extent to which bad people can be good leaders, and the moral complications that accompany this

    Written by Jonathan Korn on 3rd November 2018
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