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The Fall of Telltale Games

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    Review: Emily is Away

    Gaming Writer Emily Breeds reviews Emily Is Away, an intriguing and reflective delve into the nature of online relationships

    Written by Emily Breeds on 22nd October 2018


    Review: Detroit: Become Human

    Gaming editor Christopher Hall reviews Detroit: Become Human, a game with a very interesting premise that unfortunately doesn't reach its full potential

    Written by Christopher Hall on 21st October 2018


    Review: Donut County

    Gaming editor Christopher Hall reviews Donut County, a game with a great concept and art style that sadly falls flat in its execution

    Written by Christopher Hall on 19th October 2018


    Review: Monster Prom

    Gaming Writer Imogen Claire is looking for a date with a monster. What could possibly go wrong?

    Written by Imogen Claire on 15th October 2018


    Review: N++: Ultimate Edition

    Gaming editor Christopher Hall reviews the precision 2D platformer N++, one that sets itself apart but is missing something that would place it among the greats

    Written by Christopher Hall on 24th September 2018


    Review: Bomber Crew

    Incoming Editor James Law hops into the pilot seat and takes a look at Runner Duck's debut game Bomber Crew, recently released on the Nintendo Switch.

    Written by James Law on 10th August 2018


    Review: The Council

    Although the gameplay and story of The Council seem dreamy, the visuals are more of a nightmare says Gaming's Zak Hughes

    Written by Zak Hughes on 17th July 2018


    Review: A Way Out

    The PoorShank Redemption, Gaming critics James Honke and Zak Hughes review A Way Out, another over hyped game that failed to deliver

    Written by Zak Hughes & James Honke on 27th June 2018


    Review: Vampyr

    Gaming critic Galen Reich faces impossible dilemmas and deeply flawed characters in Dontnod's latest action RPG Vampyr

    Written by Galen Reich on 12th June 2018


    Review: Rumu

    Imogen Claire takes control of a tiny cleaner robot in Rumu: a game that probes the problems of integrating technology into human lives.

    Written by Imogen Claire on 11th June 2018


    Review: Lake Ridden

    Gaming Editor Roshni Patel review's Midnight Hub's first game, Lake Ridden, a story with a touch of the supernatural

    Written by Roshni Patel on 1st June 2018


    Step Into The Dark Side With The Darkside Detective

    Gaming Editor Roshni Patel puts on her deerstalker for a spot of supernatural detective work in Spooky Doorway's The Darkside Detective

    Written by Roshni Patel on 19th May 2018
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