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Meghan Markle Speaks Up About Social Media

An Ode to the Naked Palette: Iconic Beauty Products

‘Universal Standard’ Launches Foundation Basics Line with Sizes From 0-40

I’m Sellin’ It – The Rise of Instagram Advertising

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    Man! I Feel Like a Man – Masculinity in the Modern World

    Life and Style Writer Caitlin Steele discusses the issues within the concept of masculinity and how it is defined in a modern society

    Written by caitlinjsteele on 6th January 2019


    Chanel’s Male Makeup Line – Boy de Chanel

    Life and Style's Georgina O'Donnell shares her thoughts on Chanel's new male makeup line and whether this is encouraging gender stereotypes

    Written by Georgina O'Donnell on 19th October 2018


    Male Makeup: Will it Ever be Wholly Accepted?

    If physical appearance is a natural human concern, then why is makeup seen as a threat to masculinity? Life&Style's Lydia Waller explores the issue

    Written by Lydia Waller on 17th March 2018


    Manthropology: Would Men Feel Uncomfortable If Their Wife Earned More Than Them?

    Life and Style's Yatin Arora asks male students how they'd feel if their significant other earned more than them

    Written by Yatin Arora on 8th March 2018


    Manthropology: There’s no ‘I’ in Style

    Life&Style writer Yatin Arora spoke to UoB students about their men's style icons

    Written by Yatin Arora on 19th October 2017


    Male Mental Health Pioneers

    Life&Style writer Annie Wheeler takes a look at the men opening up conversations about mental health

    Written by amw791 on 13th October 2017


    It’s Time to Talk: Opening Up About Male Mental Health

    Life&Style writer Anna Griffiths importantly breaks the stigma surrounding male mental health

    Written by Redbrick on 4th October 2017


    Top 5: Collars and Ties Guide

    Marketing Secretary William Baxter takes us through his top five picks for collars and ties

    Written by William Baxter on 16th March 2017


    Louis Vuitton x Supreme

    Life&Style writer Ed Coy questions whether the recent Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaboration is worth the hype

    Written by Ed Coy on 4th February 2017


    Milan Fashion Week Roundup

    Life&Style writer, Antonia Miles, gives us a roundup of the highlights from this year's Milan Fashion Week, which showcased daring menswear for the new year

    Written by Antonia Miles on 25th January 2017


    Man Up: What Does It Really Mean?

    Life&Style writer Sophie Webb investigates men's mental health and why it's no laughing matter

    Written by Sophie Webb on 8th December 2016


    Top Celebrity Movembers

    Life&Style writer Sophie Webb gives us the run-down of her top 5 celebrity Movembers from this year

    Written by Sophie Webb on 5th December 2016
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