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Switch Off: A Critical Look at Nintendo Switch Online

News: Massive Hearthstone Changes To Shake Up The Metagame

Winding Back the Clock: Time in Video Games

MKLeo Wins Smash Ultimate Summit

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    Winding Back the Clock: Time in Video Games

    Alex Green charts the influence time mechanics have had on video games, investigating the different types represented throughout the years

    Written by Alex Green on 4th April 2019


    Machinima Closes: The Gaming MCN of Dreams and Nightmares

    Gaming Editor Imogen Mellor undertakes a post-mortem of the quintessential, perennial gaming multi-channel network: Machinima

    Written by Imogen Mellor on 24th February 2019


    Most Anticipated Games of 2019

    Gaming writers and editors give a preview of the year to come, and why you should be excited for some of 2019's biggest releases

    Written by Sam Nason, Olivia Boyce, Galen Reich, Tom Martin, Christopher Hall, Imogen Mellor, Alex Cirant-Taljaard, Imogen Claire, Alex Green & Rahul Johal on 9th February 2019


    Donkey Kong 64 Stream Raises Over $340,000 For Trans Charity Mermaids

    Trans rights are an aspect of equality the UK is behind on. H.Bomberguy and many others attempt to change the conversation through the power of Donkey Kong

    Written by James Law on 28th January 2019


    When Is A Film Not A Film? A Gamer’s View On Bandersnatch

    Editor Imogen Mellor takes a look at Bandersnatch, the Netflix-published 'interactive movie', and discusses some of its background

    Written by Imogen Mellor on 24th January 2019


    The Fall of Telltale Games

    Gaming editor Sam Nason recounts the mass-layoffs at Telltale Games and explores the implications for the industry going forward

    Written by Sam Nason on 3rd November 2018


    Redbrick Recommends: Games To Play This Summer

    Who needs vitamin D when there are so many great games to play indoors. This summer the Redbrick Gaming team pick some of their favourite to recommend

    Written by Nicholas Burton, James Law, Emma Kent, Sam Nason, Adele Franghiadi, Tom Martin, Zak Hughes, Imogen Mellor, Olivia Boyce & James Honke on 13th July 2018


    A Question Of Esports

    As competitive gaming rises and revenues grow, Gaming Editor Roshni Patel and Critic James Honke battle it out to prove whether esports are sports

    Written by Roshni Patel & James Honke on 26th June 2018


    Spyro Speedrunning Tournament: Who Will Be The Fastest Dragon?

    Sam Nason tells us about an upcoming Spyro speed running tournament, contributing to the hype for the release of the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

    Written by Sam Nason on 2nd May 2018


    The Fall and Rise of RuneScape

    Zak Hughes discusses the highs and lows of one of the most popular MMORPGs in his retrospective reminiscent of romantic RuneScape recollections

    Written by Zak Hughes on 29th April 2018


    The Importance of Music in Video Games

    Imogen Mellor examines the importance and power of music in video games, and offers examples of this being done very well

    Written by Imogen Mellor on 5th April 2018


    Would Battle Royale Games Work in an Esports Setting?

    Tom Martin gives us his opinion on whether the newly popularised battle-royale genre could be implemented into an esports setting

    Written by Tom Martin on 28th March 2018
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