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Plans for New Engineering Building Given the Green Light

Cambridge to Fund Scholarships for Refugees

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    Guild of Students Named ‘Union of the Year’ By NUS

    Birmingham beat off competition from Leeds, Worcester, and London

    Written by Megan Stanley on 11th July 2018


    Keiller Warns of Fake Fab Tickets

    Following a spate of hoax ticket-buyers operating primarily on the ‘Fab N Fresh - New’ Facebook page, which has around 24,000 members, Guild President Ellie Keiller shared a post on the page to warn university students from buying tickets for events from people they do not know using bank transfers.

    Written by Tom Leaman on 9th June 2018


    Student Representatives Call for Vote on Brexit Deal

    A letter to Parliament calling for a referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal has been signed by elected representatives from 60 students’, graduates’, and university unions.

    Written by John Wimperis on 31st May 2018


    Guild rules out Living Wage for staff

    Written by Phoebe Radford on 19th April 2018


    Redbrick Talks with Kris Ali, Housing and Community Officer

    On Wednesday 21st February, Redbrick Editor-in-Chief William Baxter and News Editor John Wimperis met with Kris Ali, Housing and Community Officer at the Guild of Students

    Written by John Wimperis & William Baxter on 10th March 2018


    Guild Elections Results Night: Live

    Written by Phoebe Radford, Erin Santillo & Sophie Woodley on 3rd March 2018


    An Audience with Sam Gyimah MP

    On Friday 9th February, Sam Gyimah, Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation, visited the University of Birmingham (UoB).

    Written by Phoebe Radford on 27th February 2018


    Guild Presidential Debate: Live

    Live coverage from the Redbrick News team of the 2018 Guild Presidential Debate

    Written by John Wimperis, Erin Santillo, Tom Leaman, Liam Taft & Tim.Abington on 26th February 2018


    UoB Marches to Reclaim The Night

    On Tuesday 6th February, a large crowd of campaigners marched through the snow around the University of Birmingham’s campus to say no to sexual violence, street harassment, and victim blaming.

    Written by Sophie Woodley on 21st February 2018


    Sydney University Releases Sexual Harassment Study

    A recent study has revealed the number of women at University of Sydney colleges facing sexual harassment, with this happening to one in four women at one college

    Written by Sophie Woodley on 26th January 2018


    Vice Chancellor Question Time: Live

    Written by John Wimperis, Grace Duncan, Erin Santillo, Phoebe Radford & Tim.Abington on 25th January 2018


    Guild’s ‘Free Periods’ Campaign Returns

    Students who have periods are once again able to collect free sanitary products from the Guild

    Written by John Wimperis on 17th November 2017
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