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UoB Research Cuts Branded a ‘Betrayal’ by Academic Staff

PayPal Urged to Block Payments to Essay Writing Services

Birmingham MP Turns Down UoB Honour Due to Living Wage Controversy

UoB Researchers Receive Funding to Reduce STIs in Men Aged 16-25

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    Birmingham MP Turns Down UoB Honour Due to Living Wage Controversy

    The Labour MP for Hodge Hill, Liam Byrne, has rejected an Honorary Senior Research Fellowship from the University of Birmingham because the University does not have an official living wage employer status

    Written by Tom Leaman on 13th April 2019


    Clean Air Zone To Come To Birmingham City Centre

    The government has approved plans for a new Clean Air Zone in Birmingham, which is due to take effect from January 2020

    Written by Christina Manns on 29th March 2019


    Strikes Binned By Birmingham City Council

    The bin strikes planned earlier this month in Birmingham were cancelled after an agreement was reached between the workers and the Birmingham City Council. This is according to Unite who reported the news to the BBC

    Written by Diana-Andreea Mandiuc on 28th March 2019


    Birmingham School Suspends LGBT Lessons Indefinitely

    A Birmingham primary school that was recently the centre of controversy, after introducing a new curriculum that taught its 4-11 year olds about LGBT rights, has postponed the lessons until further notice

    Written by Emily Darby on 27th March 2019


    Regional Politics Linked to West Midlands Homelessness Increase

    Regional politics is said to be one of the key reasons for the increase in homelessness across the West Midlands, compared to other regions such as Greater Manchester, according to Chief Executive of YMCA Birmingham Alan Fraser

    Written by Diana-Andreea Mandiuc on 25th March 2019


    Selly Oak MP Accuses Theresa May of £212 Million Brexit Bribery

    Labour MP Steve McCabe has questioned the sincerity of Theresa May’s latest funding promise to the Midlands, claiming ‘she must think we’re all stupid’

    Written by Alex Boscott on 25th March 2019


    News Analysis: Knife Crime Increases in the West Midlands

    Birmingham knife crime is on the rise, according to new data released by the Crime Survey for England and Wales

    Written by Rebecca Hall on 25th March 2019


    UoB Students Show Solidarity with School Pupils in Climate Strike

    On Friday 15th March, a number of University students attended the Youth Strike 4 Climate in Birmingham City Centre

    Written by Florence Jones on 23rd March 2019


    Redbrick News Investigates: How Safe Are Student Cyclists?

    News Reporter Florence Jones investigates road safety for cyclists in Birmingham

    Written by Florence Jones on 21st March 2019


    City Council to Cut Over 1,000 Jobs

    Birmingham City Council are set to make over 1,000 people redundant and are still looking to 'find further savings' of £85 million over four years

    Written by Sophie Woodley on 17th March 2019


    Birmingham Labour MPs Stay Loyal

    Birmingham Labour MPs have issued a statement pledging to stay in the party after a number of their colleagues defected in recent weeks

    Written by Aneesa Ahmed on 12th March 2019


    Pollution-Related Deaths In Birmingham Set To Increase

    Statistics by Public Health England suggest 1 out of 18 deaths in Birmingham are caused by air pollution.

    Written by Diana-Andreea Mandiuc on 9th March 2019
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