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A Match Made in Majorca- Is the First Love Island Marriage Milking the Media?

‘I’m Your Venus, I’m Your Fire…But For Who’s Desire?’ The Problematic History of Body Hair Removal

Vogue’s First Black Photographer Captures Beyoncé in the September Issue

Perrie Edwards Embraces her Freckles in Recent Instagram Selfie

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    The Snakeskin Fashion Fad: Exposed

    Life and Style Editor Imogen Lancaster discusses the drastic implications of the use of snakeskin designs in fashion and how the animal print craze is getting out of hand

    Written by Imogen Lancaster on 1st September 2018


    Imagine Catholic Appropriation…

    Life&Style writer Lydia Waller takes a look back on the controversial theme from this year's Met Ball

    Written by Lydia Waller on 14th June 2018


    Fashion Brands Begin to Diversify their Models

    Life and Style's Bethan Lewis discusses how the fashion industry is finally beginning to diversify the models they use and how their portrayals in photographs is changing

    Written by Bethan Lewis on 13th June 2018


    A Festival Fashion Rundown

    Life and Style's Lottie Wistow gives us a run-down of this year's festival fashion choices

    Written by Lottie Wistow on 13th June 2018


    Met Gala Best Dressed

    Life&Style's Madeline McInnis shares her top looks from this year's Met Gala

    Written by mmcinnis on 15th May 2018


    Spring-Summer ’18 Sunglasses Guide

    Life&Style's Josie Hart gives advice on how to find the perfect sunglasses to suit your face shape

    Written by Josie Hart on 31st March 2018


    The Legacy of Hubert De Givenchy

    Following the death of legendary fashion designer Hubert De Givenchy, Life and Style's Aimee Cashmore reflects on his impact on the fashion industry and the legacy he leaves behind

    Written by Aimee Cashmore on 24th March 2018


    Paris Fashion Week Round-Up

    Life&Style writer Charlotte Gill runs through some of the highlights from Paris Fashion Week

    Written by Charlotte Gill on 18th March 2018


    The Top 5 Trends of AW18

    Life & Style Editor Tara Kergon gives us a run down the top trends from fashion month

    Written by Tara Kergon on 18th March 2018


    Milan Fashion Week Roundup

    Life and Style Editor Tara Kergon summarises the up-and-coming trends of Milan Fashion Week

    Written by Tara Kergon on 8th March 2018


    Does Royalty Have a Place in Fashion?

    Life&Style writer Josie Hart discusses the royal family's influence on and power within the fashion industry

    Written by Josie Hart on 5th March 2018


    Is Fashion an Effective Form of Protest?

    Life&Style's Aimee Cashmore questions whether fashion is an effective way of protesting against current issues

    Written by Aimee Cashmore on 4th March 2018
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