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    The Box Office Paradox: Will Cloverfield Be The New Normal?

    Digital Editor Alex McDonald dives into the nitty gritty world of box office returns and profit margins to examine Netflix's acquisition of The Cloverfield Paradox

    Written by Alex McDonald on 14th February 2018


    Black Site: An Intro to Filmmaking

    TV Editor Matt Dawson and Film Critic Phoebe Christofi preview the indie flick Black Site and chat to the director Tom Paton about the production process

    Written by Matt Dawson & Phoebe Christofi on 19th December 2017


    The Death of the Spy Film

    With the recent release of Kingsman: The Golden Circle Film critic Luis Freijo ponders whether the appeal of the spy genre is coming to an end

    Written by Luis Freijo on 7th October 2017


    Han So-Long: Worrying Signs for the Future of Star Wars

    Digital Editor Alex McDonald is concerned that Star Wars is stuck in the past and is afraid to face the future

    Written by Alex McDonald on 26th June 2017


    Carrie Fisher: 1956 – 2016

    In light of her recent passing, film editor George Griffiths remembers Carrie Fisher, one of the defining stars of modern cinema

    Written by George Griffiths on 28th December 2016


    Film News: 4DX Experience

    Film writer Bea Harvie finds out whether Cineworld's new 4DX experience is as revolutionary as they claim...

    Written by Bea Harvie on 7th November 2016


    The Year of Hugh Grant

    A new film, co-starring Meryl Streep, and the BFI Fellowship - Hugh Grant is having an awfully good year.

    Written by Sophie Glenn on 2nd March 2016


    Awards Round-up: Golden Globes

    Before looking forward to the BAFTAs and the Oscars, Redbrick Film looks back towards this year's Golden Globes.

    Written by Abi G on 28th January 2016


    Oscars 2016: Nominations Commentary

    Matt Robinson reviews the Oscar nominations announcements.

    Written by Matt Robinson on 16th January 2016


    Awards Round-Up: Toronto International Film Festival

    Jess Ennis gives us her top five favourites from the Toronto International Film Festival so far.

    Written by Jess Ennis on 15th September 2015


    In Memoriam: Wes Craven

    George Griffiths pays tribute to legendary director Wes Craven.

    Written by George Griffiths on 3rd September 2015


    The Marvel Universe: Whedon vs. the Russo Brothers

    In the wake of the first glimpse at Captain America: Civil War, Jess Ennis asks why everyone is so excited.

    Written by Jess Ennis on 21st August 2015
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