Print & Features Editor Jess Parker discusses upcoming project ‘Cocaine Werewolf’ in relation to the Cannes Market

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Trigger warnings for this article include: mentions of drug use

Having endured Cocaine Bear and Cocaine Shark, audiences can expect upcoming feature film project Cocaine Werewolf to hit release this summer. According to Deadline, Ireland’s Tarf Media will be launching sales at Cannes, having secured worldwide sales rights, outside of North America, to the indie flick. The comedy-horror film is written by Ford Austin and Tyger Torrez. Cocaine Shark’s director, Mark Polonia, is returning to the fray as Cocaine Werewolf’s director. David Sterling and Tim Yasui from Cleopatra Entertainment are producing.

Dublin-based company Tarf media struck a partnership deal for Cannes with indie film studio Good Deed Entertainment earlier this week. Speaking on sales launching at the Cannes Market, Tarf Media’s Managing Director, Eoghan Burke, stated: “It’s very exciting for us to have Cocaine Werewolf at this year’s Marché for our international clients. Horror continues to perform incredibly well, and we believe that this film will be no exception.”

What Can Audiences Expect From ‘Cocaine Werewolf’

Cocaine Werewolf’s synopsis reads: “Cocaine, cash and a crew filming a low-budget horror movie in the eerie woods of northern Pennsylvania clash when an unexpected visit from a bloodthirsty werewolf literally enters the picture–with deadly results.” It has been reported that the film will star Jeff Kirkendall, Marie DeLorenzo, Ken Van Sant, Titus Himmelberger, Brice Kennedy, Yolie Canales and Noyes Lawton. Tarf Media have described the upcoming venture a “thrilling yet humorous ride.”

Cocaine Werewolf is the third iteration in a recent Cocaine-creature craze, following on from Elizabeth Banks’ 2023 feature Cocaine Bear, and Polonia’s Cocaine Shark, which also released in 2023. Releasing on February 24 2023, Cocaine Bear depicts a 227kg black bear that unfortunately consumes a large amount of cocaine, and begins a wild rampage across a forest in Georgia, becoming a drug-fuelled nuisance to all that cross its path. R-rated Cocaine Bear received a Rotten Tomatoes score of 66%. Polonia’s Cocaine Shark released soon after on January 29 2023, following a mutated shark that breaks free from a lab, leaving carnage in its wake. Cocaine Shark did not receive a Tomatometer score for its hour-and-ten-minute run of B-Movie carnage, but received an audience score of 49%.

Cocaine Werewolf is expected to begin its run at festivals this summer, with it having been selected at Canada’s Shock Stock and Fear Convention. The film is expected to have its U.S. theatrical premiere on July 5 2024 at the Arcadia Theater in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. Cocaine Werewolf was also shot in Wellsboro.

Cocaine Bear is available to purchase on Blu-ray, DVD and digital streaming platforms. Cocaine Bear is currently available to stream via rental or purchase on Prime Video.

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