Gaming Editor Louis Wright reviews Google Chrome’s infamous Dinosaur Game finding it the ideal way to manage without Wi-Fi

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The simplest games are the most addicting, and one of the simplest games out there is the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game. Designed as a way of making those without a solid internet connection feel better about their inability to surf the web, it is a great way to fight off the blues of technical difficulty.

It is a great way to fight off the blues of technical difficulty

Taking heavy inspiration from arcade games of the past the goal is to tell the t-rex when to jump and duck to avoid cacti and pterodactyls alike and get the highest score possible. With unlimited lives there are unlimited attempts to boost your score, amplifying the want, nay need, to keep playing.

Dinosaur Game is a deceptively difficult foray. Necessitating excellent reflexes to jump over the cacti at the right time, everything here is based on player ability. This makes the game very rewarding to play for longer periods of time; the player sees a visible improvement in their skills, in turn a higher score, and more gratification.

The “Google Chrome Dinosaur” for lack of a better name is a recognisable character

Most remarkable about the Dinosaur Game is the draw to play it even when internet connection is restored. With many one-to-one recreations both official and unofficial the enjoyment that wide swathes of gamers and non-gamers alike enjoy from this game cannot be understated.

While the graphics are simple there is a distinct charm to them. The “Google Chrome Dinosaur” for lack of a better name is a recognisable character, as most people who have browsed the web have seen it at some point. The silhouetted design, the block shapes, and cute little eye leave a lot to love with this ditsy dino.



There is a reason why the Dinosaur Game has persisted so consistently aside from everyone who does not have an internet connection being forced to interact with it. The simple pleasure that can be garnered from it is simply fascinating and is an instant recommendation for when there is no network.

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