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UoB Research Cuts Branded a ‘Betrayal’ by Academic Staff

PayPal Urged to Block Payments to Essay Writing Services

Birmingham MP Turns Down UoB Honour Due to Living Wage Controversy

UoB Researchers Receive Funding to Reduce STIs in Men Aged 16-25

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    One Third of Young People Across the UK Are Registered To Vote

    According to The Electoral Commission, the independent body which oversees elections in the UK, only a third of young people are registered to vote

    Written by Florence Jones on 2nd April 2019


    Selly Oak MP Accuses Theresa May of £212 Million Brexit Bribery

    Labour MP Steve McCabe has questioned the sincerity of Theresa May’s latest funding promise to the Midlands, claiming ‘she must think we’re all stupid’

    Written by Alex Boscott on 25th March 2019


    Redbrick News Investigates: How Safe Are Student Cyclists?

    News Reporter Florence Jones investigates road safety for cyclists in Birmingham

    Written by Florence Jones on 21st March 2019


    Blue Line Scheme Sees Students Become Police Constables

    Aneesa Ahmed reports on the Blue Line scheme, which is being funded by the University of Birmingham in collaboration with West Midlands Police. Five current UoB students are volunteering as Special Police Constables

    Written by Aneesa Ahmed on 18th February 2019


    UoB School One of a Kind for Taking Students From Across Birmingham

    When the University of Birmingham School (UoBS) opened in 2015, the year seven class was made up of students from 61 primary schools across the country

    Written by Megan Stanley on 28th January 2019


    Future of Selly Express in Doubt

    A series of social media posts from Guild President Reece Patrick Roberts last week suggest that the future of the Selly Express is in doubt due to funding concerns

    Written by Megan Stanley & Sophie Woodley on 27th January 2019


    Where Have You Bin Over Christmas?

    Over the Christmas period Birmingham bin workers took industrial action over a dispute which saw rubbish pile on the city’s streets in summer 2017

    Written by Sophie Woodley on 26th January 2019


    Redbrick News Investigates: Fuel Poverty In Selly Oak And Harborne

    Redbrick conducted a survey and spoke to students, a local MP, and Welfare and Community Officer Izzy Bygrave to learn more about the issue of fuel poverty in the areas surrounding the University

    Written by Liam Taft on 30th December 2018


    Redbrick News Investigates: Student Safety in Selly Oak

    Amidst the controversy of student safety in Selly Oak, News Editor Tom Leaman investigates if UoB students have a cause for concern

    Written by Tom Leaman on 1st December 2018


    University Staff and Police Interview: Selly Oak Crime

    In response to a recent knife crime on Heeley Road in Selly Oak, News Editor Tom Leaman spoke to key members of UoB staff and University Police Officer Charlie Richards about safety issues affecting students

    Written by Tom Leaman on 31st October 2018


    Guild Launches Selly Express Bus

    A new shuttle bus service was launched on Monday 15th October following student outcry at the level of crime in Selly Oak

    Written by Christina Manns on 28th October 2018


    Students Take a Stand Against Selly Oak Crime

    The Guild of Students Officer Team have demanded that the University of Birmingham take more action to protect students living in Selly Oak

    Written by Liam Taft on 17th October 2018
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