News Writer Anna Constable reports on a hit and run case occurring in Birmingham.

Written by AnnaConstable
Images by Egor Myznik

Trigger warning: mentions of hospitalisation and death

A suspect has been arrested following an alleged hit-and-run incident that left a pedestrian with life-threatening injuries. The incident occurred on October 21st, just after 05:30 BST, according to  West Midlands Police. The victim was found with significant head injuries in the Boulton Middleway area, near the Jewellery District.

Following the collision, the victim, a man in his 50s, was transferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for immediate medical care. There have been no further updates on his condition.

The victim was found with significant head injuries

The police have arrested a 60-year-old man suspected of being the driver who failed to stop at the scene. He has since been released pending investigation. Despite his arrest, the police are still requesting any private CCTV or dashcam footage of the event to be provided. They are also asking anyone who was present at the scene to come forward with any information they may have witnessed.

The force has expressed their thoughts and condolences to the victim and his family during this time.

This incident follows a number of serious accidents in the wider area. An earlier two-car crash on Pershore Road in Selly Oak resulted in a fatality earlier this month. Just before that,  three men were arrested following a fatal hit-and-run incident on Bessemer Road.

This incident follows a number of serious accidents in the wider area

The Birmingham Police Department reported that they responded to reports on October 8th of someone being hit on Bessemer Road. It was later confirmed that an illegal street race had taken place, leading to the accident. The victim subsequently died.

On October 25th, officers issued 17 fixed penalties to drivers on Manor Way in an attempted crackdown on illegal street racing. The penalties were for varying offences, including speeding. Five vehicles were also seized that night.

Sergeant Nichola Chester commented on the event, ‘We also know that there are drivers out there with little regard for the rules of the road, but we’re dealing with them through successful operations like the one we’ve just had on Manor Way’.

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