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    A Student’s Guide To: Madrid

    Travel writer Charlie Avery shares his Student's Guide to Madrid

    Written by Charlie Avery on 9th March 2019


    Managing your Mental Wellbeing on a Year Abroad

    Travel Writer Amelia Foxton shares her top tips on managing mental wellbeing on a year abroad

    Written by Amelia Foxton on 6th March 2019


    International Work Experience

    Travel writer Jessica Makepeace gives her tips on finding international work experience

    Written by Jess Makepeace on 6th March 2019


    Why Every Undergraduate Should do a Year Abroad

    Travel writer Estelle Dragon shares her reasons why every undergraduate should do a year abroad

    Written by Estelle Dragan on 25th January 2019


    Spending Christmas Abroad

    Travel writer Carrie Gerard shares her thoughts on travelling during the festive season

    Written by Caroline Gerard on 27th December 2018


    New Year’s Eve Across the Continent

    Travel Editors Laura Botia and Eva Hunt give a run down of Europe's best New Year's Eve celebrations

    Written by Evangeline Hunt & Laura Botia on 27th December 2018


    Day Trips: In and Around Birmingham

    Social Secretary Sorcha Hornett shares her favourite spots for day trips in and around Birmingham

    Written by Sorcha Hornett on 6th December 2018


    Final Sunset Over Club 18-30

    Travel writer Joshua Williams explores the reasons behind the collapse if the infamous 'party holiday'

    Written by Joshua Williams on 4th December 2018


    Top Tips: Tipping Culture

    Travel writer Jacky Sy gives his advice on the tipping culture abroad

    Written by Jacky Sy on 6th November 2018


    A Student’s Guide to Brighton

    Deputy Editor Kat Smith shares a student guide to Brighton

    Written by Kat Smith on 21st September 2018


    How To Fly Around Europe on the Cheap

    Travel writer Laura Botia explains how to find cheap flights for travelling around Europe

    Written by Laura Botia on 22nd March 2018


    How To Study Whilst Travelling

    Travel writer Madeline McInnis writes about her top tips for keeping up with your studies whilst travelling

    Written by mmcinnis on 15th March 2018
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