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    The Reality of Long-Term Illnesses at Uni and How to Deal With It

    Food&Drink Editor Lydia Waller, discusses her experience of being ill at uni and shares her best advice on how to deal with it

    Written by Lydia Waller on 6th April 2019


    The Pope and the Pill

    Food Editor Emily Calder discusses the new found evidence that the 7 day break when taking the combined contraceptive pill has no medical benefit

    Written by Emily Calder on 9th March 2019


    Sleeping – Is 8 Really the Magic Number?

    Life&Style Writer, Romana Essop discusses whether we really do need 8 hours of sleep a night and how sleeping less often leaves us more energised

    Written by Romana Essop on 3rd February 2019


    H&M’s ‘Close to My Heart’ Collection for Breast Cancer Awareness

    Life and Style Writer Millie Gibbins, discusses the launch of the new H&M 'Close to My Heart Collection' in support of Breast Cancer Awareness

    Written by Millie Gibbins on 26th January 2019


    Seasonal Affective Disorder: Ways to Cope with the Winter Months

    Life and Style Writer, Madeleine Bourne sheds some light on Seasonal Affective Disorder and shares her tips on how to stay positive in the winter months

    Written by Madeleine Bourne on 23rd January 2019


    The Standing Desk Phenomenon

    Life&Style's Romana Essop discusses the new concept of a standing desk where you can choose to sit or stand whilst working to encourage an active lifestyle

    Written by Romana Essop on 22nd January 2019


    Meghan Markle Speaks Up About Social Media

    Life&Style's Jessica Capper discusses the Duchess of Sussex's recent comments about the effect of social media use on mental health

    Written by Jessica on 15th January 2019


    Vast Majority of Childhood Tonsillectomies are Unnecessary

    Will Nunn reports on the striking research about tonsillectomies taking place within the University of Birmingham

    Written by Will Nunn on 3rd January 2019


    Makeup Expiry Dates: What You Really Need to Know

    Life&Style's Phoebe Hughes-Broughton takes a look at makeup use-by dates and how to know when to throw a product away

    Written by Phoebe Hughes-Broughton on 22nd December 2018


    How to Learn to Love Health and Fitness

    Life&Style's Estelle Dragon considers ways to lead a healthier lifestyle while still being able to enjoy yourself

    Written by Estelle Dragan on 21st December 2018


    Prince Harry’s Sleep Ring

    Life&Style's Josie Hart uncovers how Prince Harry has been wearing a sleep ring which uses new technology that tracks sleep, health and activity

    Written by Josie Hart on 20th December 2018


    The Silent Epidemic of Men’s Mental Health

    Life&Style's Elizabeth Winter discusses why the conversation of men's mental health needs to be had this Movember (and always)

    Written by Elizabeth Winter on 22nd November 2018
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