Life&Style’s Anvere Kaila discusses Latte Dressing either as a brewing style or timeless staple

Written by A K
Second year BA English student

The ‘latte dressing’ trend captures cosiness and promotes warmth into our capsule wardrobes with its coffee blend shades. Essentially, fashion has sartorially embodied those infamous tea/coffee charts, therefore we can expect to see the creative expression and visualisation of a latte, coffee, mocha, espresso and many more drinks of choice.

The tonal spectrum of this trend offers flexibility and versatility of outfit choices to compliment all complexions with shades ranging from cream, beige, champagne, nude, caramel, taupe, mocha to chocolate brown. Latte Dressing’s subtly chic visuals promote minimalist style with maximalist impact. 

…latte outfits conform to the interpretation of cosy materials, silhouettes, and textures of silk, wool, and borg

Visually, latte outfits conform to the interpretation of cosy materials, silhouettes, and textures of silk, wool, and borg; yet one’s individuality and creative expression can challenge and subvert this convention through striking variations. Seen below are some of my favourite aesthetically appealing influencer outfits, from Madina Archakova, that are rooted in latte dressing:

Madina Archakova

Amongst Madina’s social media page, there are prevalent echoes to latte dressing prior to the trends craze – as seen in this trifecta.


I love the hints of masculinity in the first look. It features a The Frankie Shop taupe menswear inspired blazer, Viktoria & Woods trousers, a grey Naadam sweater, black Hermes loafers and a Chanel burgundy quilted patent bag.

Embodying chic latte fashion, Madina fashions a white t-shirt in the middle neutral number. Combining the t-shirt with an Almina Concept wool V-Neck cardigan, Oak+ Fort trousers and infamous Maison Margiela Tabi Ballet flats styled with a The Row half-moon leather bag and white Quay sunglasses.

In the right image, Madina wears another white tee, paired with an oversized blazer and skort by The Frankie Shop, Aquatalia Mary Janes, and a stunning Bottega Veneta black knotted bag.

But is this ‘brewing style’ simply a resampling of timeless fashion pieces? Pieces in the latte dressing style recall cult classics, such as the camel trench coat, which recirculate in the spotlight. Whilst latte dressing is overtly synonymous with quiet luxury, echoing an old money, dark academia aesthetic, it is undeniable that these rich understated colour palettes undergo varying iterations to complement and adhere to different stylistic trends. 

Despite our aesthetic preferences, here are some ways you can embed the latte-esque influence in your wardrobe.

How you can wear the latte trend:

Streetwear can incorporate the essence of latte dressing through different cuts and silhouettes of cargo trousers, mini/ maxi skirts, workwear jackets, trench coats, blazers, and aviator jackets. My interest in streetwear has piqued around footwear, most recently on Adidas’ highly coveted Originals which offer rare and enticing colourways which counterpart the latte trend. Some to mention are the  Handball Spezial in Aluminium/ Core Black/ Cloud white , Broomfield  and Samba OG

…we can see a diversification of individuals embracing this fashion through the tonal possibilities and accessibility

Balletcore has been heralded for its reclamation of ballet attire worn by off duty dancers as a nod to their careers. For the rest of us, one’s inner ballerina dreams can be expressed through this ultra-feminine trend. The ballet industry has come a long way since the time that pointe shoes were only distributed in eurocentric shades; now we can see a diversification of individuals embracing this fashion through the tonal possibilities and accessibility. 

A typical balletcore outfit, from the top down, can be comprised of crocheted jumpers, pointelle blouses, shrugs/ boleros, mini/ tulle skirts, slip dresses, leotards paired with either leggings, romantic white, nude or black lace tights, cream ribbed leg warmers and boots, ballet flats, Mary Janes or Uggs

The trend has also shown up in activewear with brands like TALA. Elements of latte dressing have been seamlessly translated through the 365 Originals/ Second Skin/ Sculpting Lounge and Dayflex collections. As the shade names suggest, (mocha, espresso, sand, coffee, and truffle), latte colourways have made a statement through the buttery elevated basics of the boat neck long sleeve, boat neck tank top, flared trousers, and maxi skirt. 

All beverages aside, Latte Dressing: to be or not to be? 

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