Deputy Editor Oscar Frost gives the rundown and highlights for what’s new in SEGA’s classic football simulator’s newest entry

Written by Oscar Frost
Hi! I'm Oscar, and I'm one of your deputy editors for the coming year. I was also a sports editor for two years, and a writer for a year before that.

The Football Manager success story of Will Stills has been used to show how the interactive managerial game is not as dissimilar to ‘real’ football as you may think. With the new FM24 game being released on November 6, fans and gamers alike will be looking to see how the an incredibly realistic franchise will be improved. The creators of the game have announced four key avenues through which they have improved the game this year.

The AI managers running rival teams will have increased decision-making

The most notable change for all managers will be the improvements in the transfer market. The AI managers running rival teams will have increased decision-making and team selection capabilities. In practice, this means that they will be informed by gaps in their squad, as well as placing a greater emphasis on the potential of players if they are not signed as a regular starter. For the user, the financial system will also have more dynamism to create more difference between careers. Overspending can also have more consequences in FM24, with the board being able to take control of the finances if needed. 

The new iteration of the franchise will also feature a change to offloading players through the introduction of intermediaries. The developers have listened to the fans say that the process of selling players can be frustrating, so have introduced new options to highlight how desperately a player needs to be moved on. A new ‘Ask Agent About Market Interest’ button also allows the manager to see the current interest in players to be more informed about transfer activity.

The developers have listened to the fans

The final changes are that managers will be able to set individual goals for players to monitor their performance more closely, and the football motion of the simulation will be ‘truer.’ The success of the Football Manager franchise means that it did not need an overhaul. The tinkering with the game have been well received by fans, who are excited for another year of immersion in the footballing world from their living rooms.

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