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    A Blue Ripple Leaves a Blue Mood

    Comment Writer Tom Moran explains why the results of the recent US Midterm are more of a blue ripple than a blue wave

    Written by Tom Moran on 12th November 2018


    Morgan and Trump: A Twisted Love Affair?

    Comment Writer Alex Garrido reviews Piers Morgan's recent ITV interview with Donald Trump, deciding that it is a failure in political journalism

    Written by Redbrick on 7th February 2018


    Politics and Social Media: A Perfect Pair?

    Comment Writer Helena Shaw discusses why she believes that social media is not the place for politics

    Written by Redbrick on 6th February 2018


    Hillary Clinton: What Really Happened?

    Emma Kent and Tom Rose assess Hillary Clinton's appearance at the Cheltenham Literature Festival as she discusses her new book, What Happened

    Written by Emma Kent & Tom Rose on 4th November 2017


    Sean Spicer’s Holocaust Gaffe: The Final Nail in the Coffin for Trump’s Administration?

    Comment Writer Phoebe Warneford-Thomson argues that Sean Spicer's recent gaffe should have detrimental effects on the Trump Administration

    Written by Phoebe Warneford-Thomson on 20th April 2017


    Nepotism Invades the Whitehouse

    Ivanka Trump's position at the White House betrays an administration based on nepotism, argues Comment Writer Emily Youlton

    Written by Emily Youlton on 4th April 2017


    No More Fake News!

    Jadzia Samuel urges politicians and the media to tell the truth and move on from fake news

    Written by Jadzia on 18th February 2017


    Comment Attends: Anti-Trump Protests

    Comment writers Bea Harvie and Alex Taljaard attended recent protests against Donald Trump and his Muslim ban

    Written by Redbrick on 12th February 2017


    Farage is Underqualified

    Commentator Sam Yearley is surprised that President-elect Trump wants to appoint underqualified Nigel Farage as the US ambassador to the UK

    Written by Samuel Yearley on 6th December 2016


    Facebook Fake News

    Alex Goodwin discusses the recent epidemic of 'fake news' on Facebook and how this aided in the results of the US elections

    Written by Alex Goodwin on 6th December 2016


    Trump – Now What?

    Comment's Angeliki discusses the harsh reality of Donald Trump being elected as President

    Written by Angeliki Antoniadou on 22nd November 2016


    2016: The Year of the Underdog

    Abbie Pease and Phoebe Warneford-Thomson argue that the radical must no longer be ignored in a year in which, it appears, anything can happen

    Written by Abbie Pease & Phoebe Warneford-Thomson on 19th November 2016
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