Sarah Dougherty, Author at Redbrick | University of Birmingham
Sarah Dougherty
Sarah Dougherty is an LGBTQ Guild Councillor and a third year Politics and Philosophy student. She contributes primarily about the Guild.

Twitter: @Sduob

Blair Blair: a response to the NUS’ ‘Liar Liar’ campaign

Liberal Democrat member, Sarah Dougherty, criticises the NUS for their short memory on tuition fees.

Posted on 19th April 2015

In Defence of the Liberal Democrats

The Chair of the University's Liberal Democrat society explains why she thinks you should vote for the party in May

Posted on 28th January 2015

Guild Council is back. Why don’t you care?

LGBTQ Guild Councillor, Sarah Dougherty, outlines why you should be involved with Guild Council

Posted on 13th November 2014

The Referenda That Failed

Posted on 19th June 2014

In Defence of Liberation Officers

Are the Non-Sab positions still something worth having?

Posted on 5th March 2014