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    The Sun Pounds Sterling

    Tom Leaman argues that not enough is being done to regulate the tabloid media and the attacks on individuals such as Raheem Sterling

    Written by Tom Leaman on 17th June 2018


    Morgan Freeman’s Trial by Social Media

    In light of recent sexual abuse allegations made against actor Morgan Freeman, Comment Editor Natalia Carter considers his inadequate apology and the unforgiving nature of social media

    Written by Natalia Carter on 14th June 2018


    Fiddling With Fees Will Fix Nothing

    Comment Writer Emelia Lavender analyses recent discussion regarding tuition fees, arguing that current government suggestions will not fix anything

    Written by Emelia Lavender on 15th March 2018


    Classrooms + Guns = The Perfect Combination for Death

    Comment Writer Holly Pittaway presents the case against teachers being granted weapons in American schools

    Written by Redbrick on 1st March 2018


    Valentine’s Day: A Straight-Up Misrepresentation

    Comment Writer Rhi Storer criticises Valentine's Day's narrow representation of sexuality and gender

    Written by Rhi Storer on 17th February 2018


    Should Phones Be Banned At Gigs?

    Comment Writer Niamh Brennan discusses whether mobile devices such as mobile phones should be banned at live performances

    Written by Niamh Brennan on 14th February 2018


    What Next After Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration?

    Comment Writer Zaid Salam argues there is not, and there never was, hopes or plans of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    Written by Zaid Salam on 30th January 2018


    The Homeless: An Aesthetic Issue for The Royal Family

    Comment Writer Luke Atkins condemns Simon Dudley's abhorrent attitude towards the homeless

    Written by Luke Atkins on 22nd January 2018


    Has the purpose of the #MeToo campaign been lost in a social media frenzy?

    Comment Editor Alex Goodwin questions the latest campaigns surrounding the #MeToo movement

    Written by Alex Goodwin on 22nd January 2018


    Why the War on Drugs is Unwinnable

    Music Editor Issy Campbell explores the necessity of education and decriminalisation surrounding the safe use of recreational drugs

    Written by Issy Campbell on 20th January 2018


    Why is it Acceptable for the UK Government to Neglect Animal Sentience?

    Comment Writer Emily Sharkey argues it is imperative for the government to recognise animal sentience in laws

    Written by Redbrick on 7th December 2017


    Revoking Rainbow’s License is not the Solution to Drug Harm

    Comment Writer Ali Gosling criticises the decision to revoke Rainbow's license, and argues the answer is for safer drug measures to be implemented

    Written by Ali Gosling on 3rd December 2017
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