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Momo Can’t Hurt You, but the Media Can

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    Momo Can’t Hurt You, but the Media Can

    Holly Pittaway discusses how the media is perhaps to blame for the escalation of the 'Momo Challenge'

    Written by Holly Pittaway on 11th April 2019


    ‘The Object of Art is to Give Life a Shape’: So Let’s Fund It

    Cutting arts funding excludes the working class, argues Abby Spreadborough

    Written by Abby Spreadborough on 8th March 2019


    Making Tough Decisions is the Price of Being a Good Parent

    Katie Price shouldn't be shamed for her parenting choices, argues Catrin Osborne

    Written by Catrin Osborne on 5th March 2019


    The Dark Side of Brumfess

    Comment Editor Natalia Carter explores the problematic side of University confession pages

    Written by Natalia Carter on 18th February 2019


    The Truth About the Pill-Free Week

    In light of recent changes to guidelines given to women taking the contraceptive pill, Comment's Abby Spreadborough criticises the roles of both the NHS and the Catholic Church in fueling previous misinformation

    Written by Abby Spreadborough on 13th February 2019


    Copy-fight: Youtube’s ‘Fair Use’ Issue

    Comment Writer Holly Pittaway discusses the current problem of usage rights affecting Youtubers, many of whom have had their content claimed by larger organisations, and why usage laws are letting them down

    Written by Holly Pittaway on 2nd February 2019


    Gillette’s Close Shave

    Catrin Osborne discusses Gillette's controversial advert, arguing that it has profited off of male insecurities

    Written by Catrin Osborne on 29th January 2019


    A Frosty Reception for Iceland

    Comment writer Hannah Lay explains why she feels it was right for Iceland's 2018 Christmas advert to be banned

    Written by Hannah Lay on 29th December 2018


    Bang Out of Order

    We must adapt our use of fireworks to be more considerate to our surrounding environment, argues Comment Editor Natalia Carter

    Written by Natalia Carter on 3rd December 2018


    Fashion For The Many, Not The Few

    Comment writer, Velvet Jones, commends Marks and Spencer's progressive move forward in fashion with their 'Kids Easy Dressing' range

    Written by Velvet Jones on 17th October 2018


    Memoirs of a Refresher

    Comment's Jenny McKay shares her experience of her refresher's week, and celebrates the lack of pressure that comes with second year

    Written by Jenny_mckay on 14th October 2018


    Moral Loopholes of YouTube

    Comment editor Nataila Carter explores the moral ambiguity of Youtube, and how over exposure to stranger's lives can negatively impact our own

    Written by Natalia Carter on 3rd October 2018
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