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To the Victor Go the Foyles

Aquariums Don’t Belong In The Future

It’s Time to Educate Young People on Class

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    To the Victor Go the Foyles

    While traditional bookshops like Foyles are falling foul of the boom in online shopping, there may still be hope for the high-street brand yet, argues Comment Editor Amelia Hiller

    Written by Amelia Hiller on 22nd September 2018


    Perrie Edwards Embraces her Freckles in Recent Instagram Selfie

    Life and Style's Elizabeth Wilson discusses how celebrities such as Perrie Edwards and Meghan Markle are helping women embrace their freckles and adding to the popularity of the fake freckle trend

    Written by Elizabeth Wilson on 12th September 2018


    Elon Musk is the Hero We Neither Need, Nor Deserve

    The personality cult that has sprung up around Elon Musk ignores the businessman's countless faults, argues Comment Writer Holly Pittaway

    Written by Holly Pittaway on 22nd July 2018


    Alfie’s Deye of ‘Poverty’

    Comment Editor Amelia Hiller discusses Alfie Deyes' mistake and the responsibility YouTubers have to educate their fanbases

    Written by Amelia Hiller on 12th July 2018


    The Paradox of Choice: ‘Love Island’ and Online Dating

    Comment Writer, Holly Pittaway, argues that Adam Collard's actions on 'Love Island' are not too different from our own when it comes to online dating

    Written by Holly Pittaway on 28th June 2018


    The Sun Pounds Sterling

    Tom Leaman argues that not enough is being done to regulate the tabloid media and the attacks on individuals such as Raheem Sterling

    Written by Tom Leaman on 17th June 2018


    Six Months of #MeToo

    In light of Harvey Weinstein's indictment, Emily Chapman reflects on the past six months of #MeToo and the impacts it has had

    Written by Emily Chapman on 16th June 2018


    Morgan Freeman’s Trial by Social Media

    In light of recent sexual abuse allegations made against actor Morgan Freeman, Comment Editor Natalia Carter considers his inadequate apology and the unforgiving nature of social media

    Written by Natalia Carter on 14th June 2018


    Yeezy vs. the People

    Comment Writer Kieren Williams argues that Kanye West's recent Twitter outburst has negative repercussions for the black community

    Written by Kieren Williams on 13th May 2018


    Changing The Shape Of Things To Come

    Comment Editor Kat Smith discusses the pressure to obtain the 'perfect' body image, and how we should focus on more important personal qualities

    Written by Kat Smith on 21st March 2018


    Does Social Media Define Us Rather Than Reflect Us?

    Comment Writer Estelle Dragan questions whether in a bid to express ourselves, social media reduces our individuality

    Written by Estelle Dragan on 5th March 2018


    Female Crisps? It’s a Dorit-no From Us!

    Comment Writers Jadzia Samuel and Helena Shaw discuss the uproar following the news that Doritos are releasing a new 'female friendly' crisp

    Written by Jadzia & Helena Shaw on 18th February 2018
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