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    ArenaNet – Gamer Entitlement Reaches New Heights

    Gaming Editor James Law argues that angry online mobs continue to stagnate the games industry

    Written by James Law on 13th July 2018


    A Question Of Esports

    As competitive gaming rises and revenues grow, Gaming Editor Roshni Patel and Critic James Honke battle it out to prove whether esports are sports

    Written by Roshni Patel & James Honke on 26th June 2018


    E3 | Microsoft Press Conference Reactions

    Xbox fan Nick Burton evaluates Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference, where Xbox showed for the first time in years their true potential

    Written by Nicholas Burton on 25th June 2018


    Everyone Is Not Here

    Gaming editor James Law makes his feelings clear about the character Nintendo neglected in their Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announcement

    Written by James Law on 15th June 2018


    PS4 On Its Last Legs

    With the current generation coming close to its end and Sony announcing the discontinuation of the PS4, Gaming writer Imogen Mellor talks about the PS4 and the impact it has done to the industry

    Written by Imogen Mellor on 3rd June 2018


    The Fall and Rise of RuneScape

    Zak Hughes discusses the highs and lows of one of the most popular MMORPGs in his retrospective reminiscent of romantic RuneScape recollections

    Written by Zak Hughes on 29th April 2018


    Insomnia | James’ Top Indie Picks

    James Law tells us of his top indie picks from Insomnia 2018

    Written by James Law on 13th April 2018


    Insomnia | Roshni’s Indie Picks

    As Insomnia 62 drew to a close, Gaming editor Roshni Patel picked her top indie games from the show floor

    Written by Roshni Patel on 10th April 2018


    The Importance of Music in Video Games

    Imogen Mellor examines the importance and power of music in video games, and offers examples of this being done very well

    Written by Imogen Mellor on 5th April 2018


    News: Rumoured Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

    Zak Hughes writes a news report on the rumoured remastered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and its apparent lack of multiplayer

    Written by Zak Hughes on 28th March 2018


    Would Battle Royale Games Work in an Esports Setting?

    Tom Martin gives us his opinion on whether the newly popularised battle-royale genre could be implemented into an esports setting

    Written by Tom Martin on 28th March 2018


    Dear Donald Trump: Please Don’t Make Multimedia the Scapegoat of Your Errors

    Tom Martin provides his response to the recent controversy surrounding Donald Trump, gun violence and video games

    Written by Tom Martin on 15th March 2018
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