At the core of Redbrick, are its writers. If you think you’d be able to write a killer review, live blog, a developing event, or articulate your ideas into a debate on the latest hot topic, Redbrick has the section for you. With twelve sections, there’s something for everyone at Redbrick. If you’d like to know more, head down to any section meeting, the times can be found at www.redbrick.me/contact or email us at editor@redbrickonline.co.uk.

Editorial Assistants

Do mistakes jump out of the page at you? Maybe you’re interested in editing and just can’t choose any section in particular, or perhaps you want to be involved with the editing side as well as writing for sections.

If you pay close attention to detail and have an eye for design then being an Editorial Assistant (EA) just might be the perfect way for you to be involved in Redbrick. You’ll be working behind the scenes in the production of the newspaper, and checking for consistency in its design and content.

This role requires you to come to the Redbrick office to at least one of our two fortnightly EA sessions, which will be held on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays every fortnight and will help us catch any mistakes that might slip through before we go to print. Join the Redbrick EAs 2018/19 Facebook group to sign up for one of a session.

Whether or not you’ve had experience of proofing or editing before, if you like working as a team and want to be involved in the editing process of Redbrick then being an EA is the position for you.

Email deputy@redbrickonline.co.uk for further information or queries.

Website Developers

Redbrick is embracing the digital age. In 2011 it won the Guardian Student Media Award for ‘Website of the Year’, and has continuously improved its website since then, boasting new features, including mobile and tablet friendly pages, and improved social media integration, to name a few. But Redbrick isn’t stopping there.

The role of Digital Developer is recent addition to Redbrick, and developers will take control of adding new features to the website, optimising it, and fixing issues and bugs.

We need developers from all backgrounds. The website runs off a WordPress base, so is built with PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Interested? Email developer@redbrick.me with your name and level of experience.


A picture is said to be worth a thousand words and pictures are at the heart of Redbrick, both online and in print. Whether it’s taking photographs of University sports matches, a fashion shoot or of a protest on campus, photographers always get to the centre of the action for all Redbrick’s sections.

We are hoping this year to expand the use of photography in Redbrick by using online montages and sending photographers out on even more and varied assignments. All you need is a camera and loads of creative flair.

Interested? Email editor@redbrick.me


There’s more to a newspaper than just words, and we’d love to see more custom artwork in Redbrick, so if you’ve got experience with vector art, you’re a pro with paints or a even if you’re keen sketch artist, get in touch!

You would work alongside section editors to create custom graphics to go both in the newspaper and to appear online alongside articles. It’s a great opportunity to get your work seen by thousands!

Contact editor@redbrick.me for more details or to apply