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    Birmingham’s Morphe Shop: What’s the Hype?

    Life&Style Writer Emily Breeds asks whether the excitement surrounding the Bullring’s new Morphe shop is a reflection of a dangerous obsession with the internet's idea of high-end perfection

    Written by Emily Breeds on 21st February 2019


    Alex Steinherr X Primark Skincare Line – Review

    Following the excitement of the launch, Life and Style writer Jess Whitham reviews the long anticipated Alex Steinher X Primark Skincare Line

    Written by Jess Whitham on 29th January 2019


    An Ode to the Naked Palette: Iconic Beauty Products

    Written by Gemma Elgar on 15th January 2019


    Makeup Expiry Dates: What You Really Need to Know

    Life&Style's Phoebe Hughes-Broughton takes a look at makeup use-by dates and how to know when to throw a product away

    Written by Phoebe Hughes-Broughton on 22nd December 2018


    Animal Testing in the Cosmetic Industry: How Brands Are Using Legal Loopholes in 2018

    Life&Style Writer Elizabeth Winter takes a look at animal testing in cosmetic brands, and why some companies are still getting away with it

    Written by Elizabeth Winter on 16th December 2018


    Kleenex Agrees to Rebrand its “Mansize” Tissues After Complaints of Sexism

    Life&Style's Pauline Jottrand considers Kleenex changing the name of their "mansize" tissues and whether it's a step towards us moving away from gendered products

    Written by Pauline Jottrand on 1st December 2018


    The Acne Positivity Movement – Are ‘Pimples’ In?

    Life&Style’s Elizabeth Winter discusses the long overdue rise of the acne positivity movement, which is taking social media by storm

    Written by Elizabeth Winter on 20th November 2018


    A Step Too Far? – Botox on the High Street

    Life and Style Writer Lizzie Newton discusses Superdrug now stocking botox and fillers and how this affects the accessibility of cosmetic surgery

    Written by Lizzie Newton on 19th November 2018


    Beauty Expert Alex Steinherr Releases Skincare Line with Primark

    Life and Style Writer Jess Whitham discusses the launch of beauty director Alex Steinherr's skincare line in collaboration with Primark

    Written by Jess Whitham on 1st November 2018


    Halloween 2018 Makeup Ideas

    Life and Style Writer Molly Brooker tells us how to easily create 5 different Halloween makeup looks to create easy, inexpensive costumes for the season

    Written by Molly Brooker on 24th October 2018


    Chanel’s Male Makeup Line – Boy de Chanel

    Life and Style's Georgina O'Donnell shares her thoughts on Chanel's new male makeup line and whether this is encouraging gender stereotypes

    Written by Georgina O'Donnell on 19th October 2018


    ‘I’m Your Venus, I’m Your Fire…But For Who’s Desire?’ The Problematic History of Body Hair Removal

    Life and Style's Lydia Waller discusses the history of body hair removal and the deep rooted standards of hair grooming in society

    Written by Lydia Waller on 1st October 2018
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