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    Leading Doctors Say Instagram Fad Diets Should Be Banned

    Life&Style's Elizabeth Winter discusses the negative influence of the promotion of 'fad' diets on Instagram and how it effects mental health

    Written by Elizabeth Winter on 11th May 2019


    The Reality of Long-Term Illnesses at Uni and How to Deal With It

    Food&Drink Editor Lydia Waller, discusses her experience of being ill at uni and shares her best advice on how to deal with it

    Written by Lydia Waller on 6th April 2019


    The Spice Girls’ Charity T-Shirts Cause Controversy

    Life&Style’s Gabrielle Taylor-Dowson exposes the shocking reality behind the manufacturing of The Spice Girls’ Comic Relief T-Shirts

    Written by Gabrielle Taylor-Dowson on 18th March 2019


    The Reinvention of Bo Peep in Toy Story 4

    Life&Style's Emily Burnett celebrates Bo Peep's less traditional appaearance in Toy Story 4 reflecting a shift in attitudes towards gender

    Written by Emily Burnett on 12th March 2019


    Reclaim The Night This International Women’s Day

    Life&Style Writer Frankie Rhodes explains the origins and significance of the ‘Reclaim the Night’ movement, and gives the details of Birmingham’s first ever march in its support, organised by our very own Women’s Officers, which is happening tonight

    Written by Frankie Rhodes on 8th March 2019


    Dance Classes: Pushing or Punishing Yourself?

    Life and Style Writer Emily Breeds, shares her experiences with pressurised dance classes and how they can cause problematic body confidence issues

    Written by Emily Breeds on 2nd February 2019


    Seasonal Affective Disorder: Ways to Cope with the Winter Months

    Life and Style Writer, Madeleine Bourne sheds some light on Seasonal Affective Disorder and shares her tips on how to stay positive in the winter months

    Written by Madeleine Bourne on 23rd January 2019


    The Not-So-Glossy Future of the Magazine Industry

    Social Secretary Sorcha Hornett discusses the fall of the magazine industry as more and more magazines switch to being online

    Written by Sorcha Hornett on 12th January 2019


    Man! I Feel Like a Man – Masculinity in the Modern World

    Life and Style Writer Caitlin Steele discusses the issues within the concept of masculinity and how it is defined in a modern society

    Written by caitlinjsteele on 6th January 2019


    Animal Testing in the Cosmetic Industry: How Brands Are Using Legal Loopholes in 2018

    Life&Style Writer Elizabeth Winter takes a look at animal testing in cosmetic brands, and why some companies are still getting away with it

    Written by Elizabeth Winter on 16th December 2018


    Life After University: How to Start Planning Your Future

    Life&Style's Josie Hart talks about how to make the most of university and the opportunities it offers in order to help develop a future career path

    Written by Josie Hart on 14th December 2018


    The Importance of Female Friendships – ‘Fight Like A Girl’ Review

    Life&Style Writer Molly Brooker reviews Clementine Ford's book 'Fight Like A Girl' and discusses the importance of female friendship

    Written by Molly Brooker on 13th December 2018
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