Life&Style writer Vicki Reckless lists her top 7 style ideas for a stunning graduation

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Although many of us final years will refuse to admit it; the end of our university life is nigh and thus, graduation is looming. For some the thought of graduation brings goose bumps, unending butterflies and a slightly sickening feeling, thinking about the potential to trip up the stairs in front of what feels like fifty thousand spectators. Others look forward to the throwing of the cap and endless photoshoots with Old Joe, fingers crossed it doesn’t torrential rain.

If you are wearing something that brings you the most confidence, then that is what you shall be

I have put together a few ideas for graduating dress styles, hopefully covering most bases: from those wishing to ‘fake it till they make it’; those wanting to brighten up the entire ceremony; those wanting all eyes on them; and those wanting to blend right in. You know what they say: ‘you are what you wear’, and if you are wearing something that brings you the most confidence, then that is what you shall be.

1. Monochrome

First up is the classic monochrome ensemble. A little black or white dress would look effortlessly sophisticated under the black gown, paired with either a lower court shoe or stiletto heel depending on how daring you’re feeling.

2. Floral 

Another way to go is to match the season. If you are graduating this June then why not go for a pretty floral? Try white with a pink floral or even a bolder colour to directly contrast the black of the gown.

3. Suit

For the more sophisticated, try a tailored suit, jazzed up in a pink or green colour or even on-trend as a blazer dress. This may sound like an out-there option but the fashionistas among you will know this will hit the nail on the head for graduation.

4. Maxi

Perhaps you could also consider a midi or even maxi dress, tight-fitting to contrast the float created by the gown, with either a practical pump or strappy sandal. This is perfect for a dressier look, but without the worry of having too much on show if the gown were to blow in unwanted directions.

5. Skirt and blouse

You could also go for a skirt and blouse- pleated black skirts are making a come-back and would look perfectly elegant with a white blouse or a satin coloured blouse. Equally a pencil skirt and blouse combo would go down a treat, and you could even throw in a patterned tight to complete the ensemble.

6. Two-piece

Next is to consider the two piece- we’ve all seen them, admired them, potentially have them? So why not go for a vivid pattern or even a neon ensemble to really get heads turning?

7. Casual

And last but not least, for the more casual among us, go for the ‘jeans and a nice top’ approach. A classic pair of Mom jeans and corset style top would look sophisticated but without needing too much effort, especially paired with a mule, or strappy heel; or even with a flat sandal.

If you’re stuck for ideas there are clearly many ways to go, writing this has certainly given me some inspiration! I hope it’s given you some as well, or at least ruled out what you definitely won’t be wearing. Happy graduating- head up, shoulders back, smile, and do not wear shoes you cannot walk in.