Protective barriers have been installed at the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market in order to protect the public, News Writer Diana-Andreea Mandiuc reports

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Images by John James , Guy Evans

Large barriers made out of metal and concrete have been installed to prevent vehicles driving into people, such as happened in Berlin and London in previous years.

Patrols of police could be seen within the perimeters of the festive markets since their opening.

A closer cooperation between the officers, market staff and stall holders is expected, as stated by West Midlands Police, whose plans are to monitor public transport and unnatural behaviour. 

For the first time in five years, the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre has lowered the terrorism threat from ‘severe’ to ‘substantial.’

It means the eventuality of a terrorist attack is ‘likely’ rather than ‘highly likely,’ and security measures are still in place.

Jack Hadley, Superintendent, affirms: ‘I want to reassure the public that my officers will be in and around the market, keeping the public safe and will also be on hand to help anybody who has any concerns.

‘As always, we can’t wait to welcome the Frankfurt Christmas Market and the millions of visitors it attracts each year… I want everyone who comes to visit to have a good time.’

I want to reassure the public that my officers will be in and around the market, keeping the public safe

Even though officers are present during the markets’ opening hours, Hadley advised people to remain alert and keep their personal belongings safe and enjoy the atmosphere.

 In Scotland the situation remains similar, with police officers patrolling around Edinburgh’s busiest Christmas Market, which attracted a million visitors last year.

‘Edinburgh is undoubtedly one of the best cities in the world to celebrate Christmas and New Year in and Operational Winter City helps us keep the capital a wonderful place to stay in,’ declared Inspector David Brady.

Brady assured the visitors that police patrols are highly visible throughout the city and will assist anyone in need during the festive period.

While police attention increased, people are advised to keep an eye out because of their ‘vital role to play in helping with this,’ stated Brady.