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    Spending Christmas Abroad

    Travel writer Carrie Gerard shares her thoughts on travelling during the festive season

    Written by Caroline Gerard on 27th December 2018


    Having an Impact on the Road

    Travel writer Evangeline Hunt discusses the importance of considering local businesses when travelling and shares her top tips on how to reduce your environmental footprint

    Written by Evangeline Hunt on 18th May 2018


    Feeling Alone Abroad

    Travel writer Evangeline Hunt is studying abroad in Canada. In this article, she shares her feelings of loneliness and addresses the challenges she has faced.

    Written by Evangeline Hunt on 15th March 2018


    An Insight into Canada

    Travel Writer Madeline McInnis dispells some common misconceptions about Canada

    Written by mmcinnis on 27th February 2018


    Hidden Gem: Banff

    Travel writer, Sophie, describes the beauty of discovering a Canadian alpine resort that is off the beaten track

    Written by Sophie Woodley on 4th February 2017


    A Postcard From: Toronto

    Travel writer, Iesha, shares her experience of the major Canadian city, Toronto

    Written by Iesha Thomas on 23rd January 2017


    A diary entry from…Toronto

    Travel writer Beth describes her time in Toronto this summer.

    Written by Beth Vernon on 4th October 2015


    Top Travel Tips 2015

    Travel writer Joe Taylor gives us his top 5 tips for travelling this summer.

    Written by Travel on 24th June 2015


    Overlooked Hidden Gems

    Travel writers introduce their favourite nontraditional holiday destinations

    Written by Tashaa Naidoo, Jessica Flanagan, Sara Tryon, Ally Head, Nadhirah Koh, Pippa Smith, Lucy Harkins & Sophie Milligan on 6th April 2015


    Studying Abroad: Canada

    Edward Gwatkin gives an insight into studying abroad in Canada...

    Written by Travel on 25th February 2015
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