Oliver MacArthur

By putting a price on justice, the government undermines our poorest and most vulnerable

In November 2010, the Government announced its plans to cut legal aid

Posted on 25th March 2011

EU: the problem of Portugal

Speculative attacks on peripheral EU countries highlight the macroeconomic imbalances at the heart of the Union The recent speculative attack on Portugal represents the next chapte...

Posted on 28th February 2011

International importance

A common trend in the era of austerity is the harsh criticism of the UK’s commitment to foreign aid within developing countries

Posted on 11th February 2011

Polarised and incendiary media debate directly contributes to lazy political division

Across the Atlantic, the shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords on the 8th January 2011 ignited the debate surrounding media regulation and its relationship with democracy

Posted on 4th February 2011

Discord in the Eurozone: something must be done

Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain are all in economic deep water, but their problems are the result of economic mismanagement on a continental scale On November 22nd, Britain agr...

Posted on 26th November 2010

A creative way to crack the deficit

A liberalised drugs policy would benefit the economy, our Dutch neighbours are living proof ‘Proposition 19’, if enacted, would have been a decisive change for Californian drug policy

Posted on 12th November 2010

Compassionate death not murder

FOLLOWING the conviction of Frances Inglis, 57, for murdering her own son with a heroin overdose, the question of euthanasia has cropped up once more and shot to the forefront of public conjecture

Posted on 12th February 2010