England’s Potential Euro 2016 Group

Album Review: One Direction – Made in the A.M.

Review: Mockingjay Part 2

What Does Your Drink Say About You?

English University Fees are Most Expensive in the World

A new study has revealed that students in England now pay the highest university tuition fees in the world.

Gatecrasher Comes to a Close

Birmingham’s biggest nightclub Gatecrasher has lost its bid to reopen following a stabbing and an alleged brawl that involved security staff.



Redbrick Comment Meets: Laura Bates

Redbrick Comment sat down with Laura Bates to discuss her views on sexism, activism and education.


Redbrick Comment Meets: Tom Slater

Redbrick Comment interviewed Tom Slater, editor of Spiked Online and founder of the Free Speech University Rankings project, to find out why he thinks free speech and open platforms are so important in society.

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Campus Sport


UBMRC: Qualifiers for BUKC

It was a busy weekend for the University of Birmingam Motor Racing Club, Morgan Price reports, as they looked to qualify for the BUKC.


Student Windsurf Festival 2015 – Aussie Kiss XIV – The Age of Discovery

The Windsurf Club at the university were involved in a competition down in Cornwall last weekend and achieved some fantastic results along the way


Lions Run Riot in BUCS Cup Basketball

Sports Writer, Matt Yuan, provides a match report of the men's basketball match against Lincoln University.

Redbrick Video

The BIG Media Event

What are employers looking for in a graduate today? How can you break into such a competitive field? Our distinguished panel of keynote speakers talked about their long careers in ...

By Julia Yan on 20th January 2015
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Exclusive: Meet the cast of ‘The Bridge’

Redbrick Film interviews the cast of the upcoming student film ‘The Bridge’ directed and produced by University of Birmingham student Cassiah Joski-jethi. Screening is on Saturday 29th March at the Chaplaincy. Video by Julia Yan, Charlie Moloney and Molly Garfoot ©RedbrickMultimedia

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Live Review: Beans On Toast

Matt McCrory catches up with Beans on Toast at The Rainbow.


Essential Albums: A$AP Rocky – At.Long.Last.A$AP

Zahraa Vindhani tells us why Rocky's sophomore effort is already a classic


I’m a Celebrity: The Truth About “Doctor” Bob

Critics James Tyson and Tamsin Hackett shows there's more to Dr Bob than meets the eye.

Redbrick Photography and Illustration

Vale Fireworks 2015

Every year, bonfire night goes off in style with a fireworks display at the Vale student accommodation. Photographer James Moore was at this year's spectacular event.

By James Moore on 8th November 2015
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A Night at the Movies

James Bagshaw captures some fantastic photos from the Birmingham University Dance Society's show, 'A Night at the Movies'