Project Chamberlain: rocket plans fail to launch

Plans to build the UK’s first student-designed liquid fuel rocket have been quashed after the University expressed concerns about safety and insurance.

‘Die-in’ students vent anger over Eric Garner death

A ‘die-in’ demonstration was held outside the library yesterday in solidarity with Eric Garner, a man choked to death by a US policeman.

Guild Council – 4th December 2014

Redbrick brings you live coverage of Guild Council



Eric Garner, Our Annus Horribilis and Us

Francesco Finucci reflects on the killing of Eric Garner as a sad end to a sad year in global current affairs. Could the UoB community play a role in the solution?


The Inmates are Running the Asylum: CIA Torture Report

'National sadism' - Aqib Khan discusses the horrific revelations of the CIA torture report.

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Campus Sport


Battle of Bournbrook. T-Minus 7 days.

The Varsity Rugby Union contest between the UoB 1st XV and the UoB Medics is a week away. Here's something to whet the appetite...


Brum girls thumped by Loughborough

Sam Harrison watched another disappointingly heavy defeat for the Womens 1sts Rugby team at home to Loughborough.


Brum undone by rampant Warwick

Dan Brett was on hand for Redbrick Sport at Metchley to see if the Mens 1sts Lacrosse team could take their cup form into the league at home to Warwick.

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Exclusive: Meet the cast of ‘The Bridge’

Redbrick Film interviews the cast of the upcoming student film ‘The Bridge’ directed and produced by University of Birmingham student Cassiah Joski-jethi. Screening is on Saturday 29th March at the Chaplaincy. Video by Julia Yan, Charlie Moloney and Molly Garfoot ©RedbrickMultimedia

By Julia Yan, Molly Garfoot & Charlie Moloney on 27th March 2014
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Comment On: Guild Elections

What do students on campus really think about Guild Elections?

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Birmingham’s Poetry Front

Dean Eastmond analyses Birmingham’s poetry scene and explores how poetry is changing within today’s society.


The Missing: a controversial finale to a gripping drama?

As the highly talked about BBC series reaches its' conclusion, writer Olivia Tracey questions what impact the finale really had and whether the mystery is finally solved.