Virtual Reality to Aid the Military

Political Dictionary: Socialism

Review: Everest

Brum Triathletes take to the Challenge in Chicago

Guild Council to be Abolished

The discussions of Guild council are to move online, bringing an end to the familiar twice-termly council chamber debates.

UoB Student Saves Blood Cancer Patient

Oli Elston, Social Policy and Crime student, donated his stem cells last week to a blood cancer patient. Carys Jones reports.

The Opening of Grand Central

Josephine Cooke reviews the response to Grand Central opening at Birmingham New Street.



Corbyn Refuses Nuclear Holocaust: Extreme?

Another day, another Jeremy Corbyn outrage manufactured by the press. Alex Garrido takes a closer look at the Labour leader's candid words on Nuclear Arms.


Political Dictionary: Socialism

Josh Hill tackles the big words that politicians use and cut them down to size so that you can understand the big issues on the news.

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Campus Sport


Interview: GB Triathlete James Hodgson

Sport Editor Nicola Kenton interviews triathlete James Hodgson, who competed at the World Championships in Chicago.


Interview: UoB Aussie Rules International Andy Walkden

From beginner to international competitor within a year: Andy Walkden tells Alex Davis how he's managed it.


ENGAGE: Lions Humbled by Impressive Nottingham Side

Sports writer Zak Rowe reports on ENGAGE, the first big campus event of the year, where Nottingham were the visitors.

Redbrick Video

The BIG Media Event

What are employers looking for in a graduate today? How can you break into such a competitive field? Our distinguished panel of keynote speakers talked about their long careers in ...

By Julia Yan on 20th January 2015
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Exclusive: Meet the cast of ‘The Bridge’

Redbrick Film interviews the cast of the upcoming student film ‘The Bridge’ directed and produced by University of Birmingham student Cassiah Joski-jethi. Screening is on Saturday 29th March at the Chaplaincy. Video by Julia Yan, Charlie Moloney and Molly Garfoot ©RedbrickMultimedia

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Virtual Reality to Aid the Military

The University of Birmingham is collaborating with BAE systems to develop virtual reality tools to aid the military. Sci&Tech writer, Roshni Patel reports.


Water on Mars: So What?

Sci&Tech editor, Rachel Taylor, explains what's so exciting about the recent discovery of liquid water on Mars.


Top 5: Ridley Scott Films

Following the release of his latest blockbuster, The Martian, Johndy Surio gives Redbrick a countdown of his five favourite Ridley Scott films.

Redbrick Photography and Illustration

A Night at the Movies

James Bagshaw captures some fantastic photos from the Birmingham University Dance Society's show, 'A Night at the Movies'

By Redbrick on 26th March 2015
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Covert Campus

In a Redbrick Photography special feature, check out these awesome photos of campus