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    Weinstein Allegations have Cast a Light on the Ingrained Sexism of the 21st Century

    Comment Writer Emily Chapman argues the recent allegations on Hollywood's Weinstein only highlights an ingrained issue of Sexism

    Written by emilyj_chapman on 20th October 2017


    Our Ethical Obligation to Keep the Bomb

    Comment Writer Zak Barlow argues the UK needs to maintain its nuclear capabilities

    Written by Zak Barlow on 19th October 2017


    Yemen: the UK’s Most Masochistic Foreign Adventure Yet?

    Comment Writer Harpreet Pannu deconstructs the UK's actions in Yemen

    Written by Harpreet Pannu on 18th October 2017


    Dove Advert Branded Racist Sparks Public Outrage

    Comment Writer Elin Kaemmer-Bailey argues we need to stop glorifying brands that celebrate diversity as if it were not the norm

    Written by Elin Kaemmer-Bailey on 17th October 2017


    University League Tables: Yay or Nay?

    Comment Writers Emily Chapman and Lily Haugh debate the pros and cons of University League Tables

    Written by emilyj_chapman & Lily Haugh on 17th October 2017


    America’s Gun Obsession Must End

    The USA needs immediate change to gun policy to prevent further attacks, argues Comment Writer Lily Haugh

    Written by Lily Haugh on 11th October 2017


    Sean Spicer’s Holocaust Gaffe: The Final Nail in the Coffin for Trump’s Administration?

    Comment Writer Phoebe Warneford-Thomson argues that Sean Spicer's recent gaffe should have detrimental effects on the Trump Administration

    Written by Phoebe Warneford-Thomson on 20th April 2017


    Period Dramas: Minimising the Opportunities of British Black Actors

    Comment Writer Elin Kaemmer-Bailey discusses the negative impact period dramas have on the career prospects of black British actors

    Written by Elin Kaemmer-Bailey on 31st March 2017


    Is Emma Watson Still an Advocate for Feminism?

    Elin Kaemmar-Bailey and Amelia Hiller take opposing sides regarding whether Emma Watson can still be deemed an advocate for feminism

    Written by Amelia Hiller on 14th March 2017


    Academia and The Left: Inherently Linked?

    Alex Cirant-Taljaard explores why academia could be argued to possess a left-wing bias

    Written by Alex Cirant-Taljaard on 14th March 2017


    Hypocritical Trump

    Antonia Miles discusses the hypocrisy of President Trump's International Women's Day tweet

    Written by Antonia Miles on 9th March 2017


    Humanising Islam

    Aamina Siddiqi discusses the negative portrayal of Muslims in the media and explores what is being done to tackle these issues

    Written by Aamina Siddiqi on 3rd March 2017
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