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Blue Line Scheme Sees Students Become Police Constables

New Partnership Signed Between UoB and Trinity College Dublin

UoB Ranked in Top Five for Unconditional Offers

The Big Issue Trials Contactless Payments

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    UoB Ranked in Top Five for Unconditional Offers

    UoB gives out more unconditional offers than any other Russell Group University, reports Megan Stanley

    Written by Megan Stanley on 14th February 2019


    Former Private School Pupils Adopt Mockney Accent

    The former leader of London boarding school Harrow has said that private school pupils adopt mockney accents in an attempt to seem less posh as adults

    Written by Romana Essop on 10th February 2019


    Unemployment Rises by 24% in Parts of the UK

    Unemployment has risen by almost a quarter in some parts of the UK, according to a British trade union

    Written by Sophie Woodley on 5th February 2019


    Plans Leaked for Student Finance Shakeup

    Leak reveals plans to prevent students who fail to achieve three Ds at A-Level from receiving university tuition fee loans, Editor-in-Chief Erin Santillo reports

    Written by Erin Santillo on 3rd February 2019


    1 In 10 Avoid Student Debt

    One in 10 students are not taking out loans and avoid leaving university with a big debt, according to the Intergenerational Foundation

    Written by Aneesa Ahmed on 31st January 2019


    De Montford University Launches Social Media Detox

    As part of their Mental Health Awareness programme, De Montford University in Leicester is encouraging students to take time off social media by pausing use of their own accounts

    Written by FlorenceJones on 27th January 2019


    St. Mary’s University Stops Giving Out Unconditional Offers

    St. Mary’s University has announced that it will no longer be giving out unconditional offers

    Written by Charlotte Gill on 5th January 2019


    University Education Does Not Close Pay Gap for Women

    A new study has been conducted which is the first to compare the benefits of a university education with the earnings of non-graduate workers

    Written by Sophie Woodley on 26th December 2018


    Two-Year Degree Programmes Proposed to Reduce Fees

    News Writer Diana-Andreea Mandiuc reports on plans to introduce intensive two-year degrees with the aim of reducing tuition fees

    Written by Diana-Andreea Mandiuc on 11th December 2018


    Almost Half of Students Feel Lonely at University

    Recent studies from a new university survey show that 46% of UK students at University admit to feelings of loneliness

    Written by Sophie Woodley on 8th December 2018


    Students Warned of Tax Scams

    HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have warned that university students are being targeted by scammers with fake tax refunds to steal personal details and money

    Written by Megan Stanley on 7th December 2018


    Brexit Leaves May’s Cabinet in Turmoil

    On Wednesday 14th November, Theresa May put a draft EU withdrawal deal before her cabinet. News Editor Sophie Woodley gives her analysis of the fallout

    Written by Sophie Woodley on 3rd December 2018
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