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13 Year Old Boy Arrested Following Triple Stabbing Near UoB School

Two-Year Degree Programmes Proposed to Reduce Fees

Access to Success Conference Held at UoB

UoB’s Women’s Officers Show Solidarity

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    Two-Year Degree Programmes Proposed to Reduce Fees

    News Writer Diana-Andreea Mandiuc reports on plans to introduce intensive two-year degrees with the aim of reducing tuition fees

    Written by Diana-Andreea Mandiuc on 11th December 2018


    Almost Half of Students Feel Lonely at University

    Recent studies from a new university survey show that 46% of UK students at University admit to feelings of loneliness

    Written by Sophie Woodley on 8th December 2018


    Students Warned of Tax Scams

    HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have warned that university students are being targeted by scammers with fake tax refunds to steal personal details and money

    Written by Megan Stanley on 7th December 2018


    Brexit Leaves May’s Cabinet in Turmoil

    On Wednesday 14th November, Theresa May put a draft EU withdrawal deal before her cabinet. News Editor Sophie Woodley gives her analysis of the fallout

    Written by Sophie Woodley on 3rd December 2018


    Tuition Fees Could Fall For Humanities Students and Rise For STEM Students

    Theresa May has launched an investigation into higher education fees, to ensure students are getting ‘value for money’

    Written by Emily Darby on 2nd December 2018


    New Guidelines Introduced To Protect Students Living in Cramped Conditions

    The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has laid out new guidelines for landlords which came into action on 1st October 2018 and largely concerns houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), such as most student houses

    Written by Charlotte Gill on 27th November 2018


    Universities Could Be Penalised For Awarding Too Many Firsts

    The government has recently announced that Universities could now be penalised if they award too many top grades

    Written by Aishwarya Chandran on 15th November 2018


    Number of International Students Coming to UK Universities Falls

    International students are increasingly choosing to study in countries other than the UK, News Editor Tom Leaman reports

    Written by Tom Leaman on 14th November 2018


    Men’s Officer Candidate at UWE Quits After Backlash

    The sole candidate for the 'Men's Officer' role at UWE has withdrawn following backlash

    Written by Irram Gheer on 13th November 2018


    Parents Could Become Involved in Students’ University Mental Health Struggles

    Thousands of students at Bristol University have opted into a suicide-prevention scheme, giving the University explicit permission to contact their parents if they are struggling to cope mentally or emotionally with life on campus

    Written by Magdalene So on 2nd November 2018


    UK Universities’ International Advertising Criticised

    A large number of universities have been exaggerating their international ranking in their advertising, according to Which? University

    Written by FlorenceJones on 29th October 2018


    Cambridge University Remembrance Controversy

    News Writer Emily Darby reports on Cambridge University Student Union's attempts to prevent the 'glorification of war' on Remembrance Sunday

    Written by Emily Darby on 29th October 2018
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