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UoB Research Cuts Branded a ‘Betrayal’ by Academic Staff

PayPal Urged to Block Payments to Essay Writing Services

Birmingham MP Turns Down UoB Honour Due to Living Wage Controversy

UoB Researchers Receive Funding to Reduce STIs in Men Aged 16-25

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    PayPal Urged to Block Payments to Essay Writing Services

    Education Secretary Damian Hinds has called on PayPal and other payment firms to block transactions made to essay writing companies

    Written by Christina Manns on 16th April 2019


    One Third of Young People Across the UK Are Registered To Vote

    According to The Electoral Commission, the independent body which oversees elections in the UK, only a third of young people are registered to vote

    Written by Florence Jones on 2nd April 2019


    Lessons Introduced to Fresher Students About ‘Pressures’ of Uni

    The government has recently announced that new ‘training courses’ will be introduced for first year students, in order to subsidise the pressure of starting university

    Written by Aishwarya Chandran on 31st March 2019


    Dropping Out of University Could Cost Students Over £20,000

    Students who drop out of university in their first year could face the consequences of paying thousands of pounds to repay tuition fees and maintenance loans

    Written by Aishwarya Chandran on 30th March 2019


    ‘Alarmingly High’ Levels of Mental Health Issues Amongst Students

    According to researchers, the ‘largest ever’ mental health survey of UK students has reported ‘alarmingly high’ levels of anxiety, depression, loneliness and thoughts of self-harm in universities

    Written by Christina Manns on 28th March 2019


    Students Gambling To Afford Living Costs

    A recent survey by the National Union of Students (NUS) has suggested that as many as 59 per cent of students have gambled over the past year and 48 per cent did so to supplement their income

    Written by Christina Manns on 22nd March 2019


    Fewer Middle Class Students Will Increase Diversity at University

    Top universities will have to admit fewer middle class students if they are to meet vital diversity quotas, according to higher education regulator Office for Students (OfS)

    Written by Emily Darby on 19th March 2019


    Children Should Learn About Same-Sex Couples

    The Chief Inspector of Ofsted has responded to protests about children being taught about homosexuality, reports Christina Manns

    Written by Christina Manns on 14th March 2019


    Higher Education Financial Crisis Causes Cuts To University Staff

    As the financial crisis in the education sector worsens, staff at UK universities face an uncertain future.

    Written by Christina Manns on 12th March 2019


    Warwick Students Who Made Rape Threats In Group Chat Will Not Return

    Vice-Chancellor of the University of Warwick Stuart Croft has said that the two male students who made rape threats in a group chat will not be returning to the University, despite a previous decision that would have allowed them to return to campus to continue with their courses

    Written by Emily Darby on 7th March 2019


    Erasmus Grants Under Brexit Threat

    In the event of a no-deal Brexit, the Erasmus scheme may no longer allocate funding for UK students. This could mean an estimated 17,000 students would not study in European universities as of next year

    Written by Charlotte Gill on 7th March 2019


    Unconditional Offers Could Breach Trading Regulations due to ‘Psychological Pressure’

    Universities have been warned against ‘pressure selling’ to applicants, in light of increases in unconditional offers being given to students

    Written by Natalia Carter on 6th March 2019
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