Majo Sanguino, Writers’ Bloc’s Relations Officer, ruminates about the multi-faceted nature of the internet

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Majo Sanguino – ‘The Internet’


Why do we call it surf the web?

I guess we do flow from website to website,

Learning about quantum physics or what type of scone I am,

the beginning of the universe, where we are headed, where we’ve been.

I can even purchase a human spleen!


I do tend to drown on the web,

I scroll through post after post, everything attuned to my liking.

The shoes I thought about last week, that one shop I can’t afford,

I think I saw my friend there, but I never seem to catch her… instead

I see that girl who bullied me, (she now runs a body positivity blog)

though I hear she still discusses how much weight everyone we know has gained or lost.


There is, however, shallow end to it.

An endless stream of dog videos, cooking shows,

and the hour-long Harry Styles ASMR goodnight story I did not pay for.

I remember to thank the universe for @Directioner5everrxx for sharing it

and thank every person who is behind @IRateDogs on Twitter,

lastly thank for every piece of knowledge I’ve learnt on Tiktok.

(I now know how to measure pasta, and pay my taxes)


So, I suppose we do surf the web after all.

We paddle on the shallow end till we reach the big wave,

try to find our balance between what serves us or doesn’t.

When the ads, trolls, boomers and such wash over us,

we fall of the board and sit by the shore.


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