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    Facebook Hit by Largest Data Breach in Site’s History

    A massive data breach has impacted 50 million people's Facebook accounts, Sci&Tech Editor Will Nunn reports

    Written by Will Nunn on 29th October 2018


    Review: Guild App

    The Guild of Students released their new app for students last week, so we decided to give it a test run to see what the app is all about. Kara Watson reports

    Written by Kara Watson on 1st March 2017


    Join the Troop – A New Social Network Created by UoB Alumni

    Troop is the new social network app that is setting out to make a difference. Online Editor, Ellen Daugherty, interviewed its founder, Matt Cleary, before its launch

    Written by Ellen Daugherty on 23rd February 2017


    App Review – 1SE

    An app growing in popularity, 1SE offers users the chance to capture and crystallise key moments of their lives every day and relive them at the users’ leisure. Phil Jones reports

    Written by Phil Jones on 20th February 2017


    UniDosh – a New Student Marketplace App

    Sci & Tech editor Kara Watson looks into the newest student marketplace and savings app - UniDosh, which was created by students, for students

    Written by Kara Watson on 14th February 2017


    Siri, Am I Sick?

    There really is an app for everything. James Van Hear reports on a new app used for speedy diagnosis

    Written by Redbrick on 23rd November 2016


    The End of Vine: Why Twitter is Axing its Video Service

    Tatiana Zhelezniakova clears up why Twitter is shutting down its 6 second video sharing site, after mass upset from those who regularly use the app.

    Written by Tatiana Zhelezniakova on 10th November 2016


    Callmy: The University’s New Security App

    Introducing the new security app, designed to notify students of campus-based emergencies. James Pettit reports

    Written by James Pettit on 9th October 2016


    Withings Activité – The Trendy Tracker

    Fitness trackers are the latest fad, but none have looked as smart as the Swiss-made Withings Activité. Roshni Patel reports.

    Written by Roshni Patel on 21st April 2016


    Facebook reactions: What’s the big deal?

    Facebook has recently introduced 6 new reactions on top of the original 'like' button. Charlotte Ward looks into their importance.

    Written by Charlotte Ward on 3rd March 2016


    UoB Student Launches Dating App on Campus

    A University of Birmingham student has founded a dating app to connect students around campus. Ellie Patten interviewed the app's founder to find out more.

    Written by Ellie Patten on 9th February 2016


    App Review: Peach

    Amy Thompson reviews the latest social networking app to hit the market - Peach.

    Written by Amy Thompson on 9th February 2016
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