Impressions: We Happy Few

Review: Night in the Woods

Dear Donald Trump: Please Don’t Make Multimedia the Scapegoat of Your Errors

Review: Aviary Attorney (Humble Bundle)

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    Impressions: We Happy Few

    Tom Martin explores the long-awaited Orwellian inspired We Happy Few, releasing on Xbox and PC this summer

    Written by Tom Martin on 16th March 2018


    Review: Night in the Woods

    James Law reviews a surprisingly different game with mystery, emotion, and complexity - Night in the Woods

    Written by James Law on 15th March 2018


    Dear Donald Trump: Please Don’t Make Multimedia the Scapegoat of Your Errors

    Tom Martin provides his response to the recent controversy surrounding Donald Trump, gun violence and video games

    Written by Tom Martin on 15th March 2018


    Review: Aviary Attorney (Humble Bundle)

    James Law reviews Aviary Attorney, and reminds us as gamers to try new and different things as you never know what you might find

    Written by James Law on 14th March 2018


    News: Overwatch’s Newest Hero – Brigitte

    Overwatch fan Imogen Mellor takes a look at Overwatch's 27th Hero - the brand new Brigitte

    Written by Imogen Mellor on 14th March 2018


    Alfie Bown is Wrong About Video Games and the Far Right

    Anarchist gamer James Honke takes on Alfie Bown's recent article claiming that video games are fuelling the rise of the far right.

    Written by James Honke on 13th March 2018


    Impressions: Super Smash Bros (Switch)

    Sam Nason, fan of the Wii U Super Smash Bros, gives us his impressions for the just announced Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch

    Written by Sam Nason on 11th March 2018


    News: Nintendo Direct Recap (9/3/18)

    Sam Nason recaps Nintendo's latest Direct, showcasing an impressive number of 3rd party games alongside some fan favourite classics

    Written by Sam Nason on 10th March 2018


    PCGW | Hands-On: Warhammer Vermintide 2 & Total War: Warhammer

    George Hopkins gives us some of his first hands-on impressions from his time at PC Gamer Weekender, including everything Warhammer

    Written by George Hopkins on 7th March 2018


    UOB Zeus secure their place in King of The North with Ease

    UoB Zeus returns to defend their title, as they qualify for the King of the North Overwatch tournament live in Manchester

    Written by Roshni Patel on 7th March 2018


    Mercenaries 2 and the Problem with Old Games

    Looking back on the PS3's Mercenaries 2, Zak Hughes discusses the highs and lows of replaying our favourite games

    Written by Zak Hughes on 7th March 2018


    8 Tips to Survive in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Our reviewers for Kingdom Come: Deliverance James Honke and Zack Hughes offer 8 tips that will greatly help your historically realistic adventure

    Written by Zak Hughes & James Honke on 6th March 2018
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