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    Businesses must go ‘paperless’ in order to survive

    A report by AIIM discusses the pressure behind firms and institutions, including UoB, to go 'paperless'. Tom Redgrave recounts.

    Written by Tom Redgrave on 22nd November 2014


    A Boris for Brum: Proposal to elect a Mayor for Birmingham

    Isma Azad reports on the proposal to elect a mayor of Birmingham or West Midlands.

    Written by Isma Azad on 21st November 2014


    National Demonstration: Students storm London

    A national student demonstration has taken place in London in opposition of the government’s programme of fees and privatisation in education.

    Written by Tara Dein on 19th November 2014


    Guild cancels coach to free education demo

    The Guild of Students has withdrawn its support for the National Demonstration due to take place in London on Wednesday 19th November.

    Written by Harry Jacobs on 7th November 2014


    Student Loans last less than six weeks

    Survey by VoucherCodes.co.uk shows evidence that student loans only last up to six weeks of term. Amber Reidy reports.

    Written by Amber Reidy on 5th November 2014


    NUS withdraws support for National Demonstration

    The NUS' full-time officer team announces withdrawal of support for national demonstration for free education

    Written by Tara Dein on 4th November 2014


    Party Conference season: What’s in it for me as a young person?

    Redbrick's Education correspondent, Duncan Kenyon reports on the Party Conference in relevance to students and young people.

    Written by Duncan Kenyon on 17th October 2014


    NUS announce support for free education demonstration

    A National Demonstration for free education, due to take place in central London on Wednesday the 19th November, obtained the support of the National Union of Students.

    Written by Lucy Moseley on 9th October 2014


    Cable predicts rise in tuition fees under Conservative Parliament 

    Liberal Democrats expect the Conservative Party to raise fees to £15,000 in a future Government.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 8th October 2014


    David Cameron: ‘Let’s abolish long term youth employment forever’

    The Conservative Party conference, which lasted from September 28 to October 1 in Birmingham’s ICC centre, ended with David Cameron stating ‘If you put in, you should get out’

    Written by Duncan Kenyon & Chris Harris on 5th October 2014


    Labour Party wants to give ‘all young people a shot in life’

    Labour Party proposes £8 minimum wage by 2020 and aims to help young people in getting on to the property market.

    Written by Tara Dein & Duncan Kenyon on 25th September 2014


    Student labels Trojan Horse investigation a ‘witch hunt’ in TV debate

    A UoB student has labelled the Trojan Horse investigation a ‘witch hunt’ in a BBC News special debate.

    Written by Sabrina Dougall on 10th September 2014
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