Culture Editor Ilina Jha discusses how the Wallace and Gromit board game Fleeced! is wool worth the time

Written by Ilina Jha

The playing pieces are all characters from Wallace and Gromit

Whether you fancy unleashing your inner thief or just want the chance to indulge in your love of Wallce and Gromit, Fleeced! is the board game for you. The aim of the game is simple: rustle as many sheep as you can and get them safely back to your home before any other players can steal them! Different coloured sheep carry varying numbers of points, which can certainly up the rustling stakes when black sheep (the highest scoring) are involved. Landing on designated ‘cheese squares’ means you can select a ‘cheese card’, which can provide certain advantages such as ‘jump to any square’, or even give you the key card to open one of the hideouts where the sheep are located. The playing pieces are all characters from Wallace and Gromit, of course, including Shaun the Sheep. Like with many games, there is some luck involved in this one; however, there is enough opportunity to use skills and tactics to make Fleeced! a fun and engaging way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Being Wales, there is always the inevitable rainy day or two (or four)

I have to admit that I’m not really a fan of Wallace and Gromit, but Fleeced! has my heart. It is designed for two to six players, so it is ideal for the usual number of students living in a house share together. However, it is playing the game with my family that brings me fond memories. We holiday in the Welsh countryside every year, and so ideally like to spend our time outdoors; however, being Wales, there is always the inevitable rainy day or two (or four). It is on these occasions that we turn to one of two things: shopping and eating out in the nearby towns, or playing games in our cosy holiday cottage. We have a variety of games we like to play, and Fleeced! is always a popular choice for a rainy afternoon. This is partly because it has that happy balance of lasting a good length of time whilst not going on for so long as to become boring. But it is mostly because it can involve several members of the family, and because we have a lot of fun playing it!

Fleeced! is always a popular choice for a rainy afternoon

As a family, we love to laugh, and Fleeced! provides plenty of opportunities to do so. Spending quality time with my family is hugely important to me, and playing games is one of my favourite ways to do this. So, if you’re looking for a fun new game to play with family, friends, or housemates, Fleeced! is the thing for you. Whether you’re a Wallace and Gromit fan or not, you’re sure to love this adrenaline-fuelled, sheep-rustling board game.

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