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    The Hunt for a House: A Fresher’s Experience

    Abby Spreadborough shares her experience of house hunting and the stress this puts on students

    Written by Abby Spreadborough on 27th February 2019


    UoB is Becoming Parasitic

    Cities should not have to accommodate the constant demands of growing British universities, argues Alex Cirant-Taljaard

    Written by Alex Cirant-Taljaard on 24th February 2019


    What Happens Next?

    Deputy Editor Issy Campbell argues that universities must do more to support students who don't want to pursue postgraduate education

    Written by Issy Campbell on 24th February 2019


    The Dark Side of Brumfess

    Comment Editor Natalia Carter explores the problematic side of University confession pages

    Written by Natalia Carter on 18th February 2019


    The Night I Can’t Remember

    Comment Writer Abby Spreadborough recounts her experience of being spiked in a Birmingham club, and how the burden of responsibility for determining what had happened in the hours she lost was put on her

    Written by Abby Spreadborough on 4th February 2019


    Selly Express: It’s Time to Put Student Safety First

    News Editor Tom Leaman discusses how the future of the Selly Express, a system designed to support student safety, is being called into question in light of recent comments from the University

    Written by Tom Leaman on 28th January 2019


    Has The Internet Killed Print?

    Jonathan Korn argues that the internet age signals the death of print journalism, but insists that Redbrick still thrives in print form

    Written by Jonathan Korn on 26th December 2018


    Hate Crimes are Not Punchlines

    Following the recent controversy surrounding transphobic jokes on Fab N Fresh, Velvet Jones argues that we must no longer be bystanders when hate crimes are reduced to punchlines

    Written by Velvet Jones on 2nd December 2018


    Spotlight On: Student Safety

    With crime frequent in Selly Oak, we asked Comment contributors to discuss the worrying levels of criminal activity in the area

    Written by Holly Pittaway, Kat Smith, Jenny_mckay & Guest Author on 30th October 2018


    Social Sterotyping Must Stop

    Comment Writer Abby Spreadborough argues that the perpetuation of stereotypes during sport and society socials must stop if we are to prevent social class division in education

    Written by Abby Spreadborough on 29th October 2018


    Left to Fend For Ourselves: A Retrospective on Student Suicide

    Comment Writer Holly Pittaway reflects on the recent release of student suicide figures, arguing that we must raise awareness of declining mental health in the student population

    Written by Holly Pittaway on 28th October 2018


    Improve Menstruation Education, Period

    Comment writer Eleanor Martin outlines the importance of a gender inclusive approach to menstrual health education

    Written by Ellie Martin on 23rd October 2018
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