Comment Writer Yanhei Chow provides the top tips needed to succeed during the process of applying for an internship

Written by YankieChow

Searching for internships can  be a daunting task, especially  when you have to balance many elements of this process.  Searching between thousands of opportunities and filtering these down for the right one that helps boost your CV, and develop your experience in the  relevant sector, is a difficult  task. Here are a few key things  about internships and work experience that are useful when starting out the search. 

Firstly, the timing. When do we have to apply and decide  which internship is in our best  interest? Making sure that you are aware of the deadline for different summer internships is  the first step in searching for the best jobs. Some summer internships have strict deadlines while some might not, as some larger companies might have structured processes when recruiting internships while smaller companies tend to be flexible in the recruiting process. Timing is a key thing to notice when applying to different internships, that’s why making a detailed plan for each one is essential.  

Tailor a CV to each organisation and research the backgrounds of your different companies

Secondly, a good CV is crucial when it comes to applying  for an internship. This is not  only helpful when it comes to  applying for internships, but  also for every other job as well. Your CV plays a vital role – it is  a key element determining your chances of an interview. Take time to ensure that all the information is up-to-date and the experience is relevant and professional to get  a higher chance of an interview.

Different companies have different requirements, therefore it is essential to tailor a CV to each organisation and research the backgrounds of your different companies during the application process. Checking grammar and spelling is also highly  recommended. Thus, it takes a lot of time to build the perfect CV. 

Thirdly, it is inevitable that you will have to face an interview, or even multiple interviews before getting the internship. Therefore, getting well prepared for the interview is  essential for a higher chance of getting the job. One of the primary steps is conducting appropriate research on the company, especially the morals and views of the company, and to link these up with  your reasons for being a suitable  candidate. Another thing is to dress appropriately and use professional communication.

Planning the predicted questions is crucial to making you  feel less stressed when getting  ready for your interview. Make sure to look confident and have a good mindset when stepping  into the interview. This will both  help your own mindset in the interview and will also leave a good impression on the interviewer, thus increasing the chances of getting the job. 

Look confident and have a good mindset when stepping  into the interview

Of course, getting an internship to boost your CV is a good way for future job hunting, but being rejected from the internship does not mean the world is  over. Apart from different jobs and internships that boost your CV, there are different ways to prove your passion for the sector, such as volunteering. Even though volunteering might not seem that  compelling, especially when there is not any money in return, at least there’s a higher chance of getting into the role and gaining experience at the same time, as well as boosting our CV to  show or proof of your experience  around the relevant sector.  Moreover, volunteering is a rewarding experience to help  other people in need.

There are also other opportunities like online internships which can  also boost your knowledge and  experience in a specific sector.  Showing there are many diverse ways to help you look good on your CV for future opportunities. 

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