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Stop Recycyling Excuses and Introduce a Plastic Tax

Fact or Fiction: The Stories in the Media

Momo Can’t Hurt You, but the Media Can

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    Let’s Have a Conversation About Cancer

    Rebekah Birch outlines the need for society to become comfortable with discussing cancer

    Written by Rebekah Birch on 20th February 2019


    Spotlight: Student Mental Health Part 1

    Comment Writers, named and anonymous, share their personal experience of suffering with mental health issues whilst at University in the first part of our spotlight

    Written by Alex Goodwin on 27th October 2017


    Snoopers Charter

    Commentator Harry Tennison gives us his opinion about the Charters Bill that has been discussed in Parliament and what this means for us

    Written by Harry Tennison on 19th June 2016


    A message from the Editor (of Sport)

    Online Sports Editor Tom Dodd takes a look into the life of a University Sports Reporter, and recaps on nearly four years of covering campus sport for Redbrick.

    Written by Thomas Dodd on 1st May 2015


    Editorial: It’s been a turbulent year for Redbrick but I’ll miss it

    Outgoing Editor James Phillips comments on his year in office and Redbrick's frictions with the Guild in his final editorial

    Written by James Phillips on 30th April 2015


    Editorial: Redbrick’s frustration at the Guild Elections

    Redbrick Editor James Phillips argues that the Guild's election regulations inhibit Redbrick's ability to act as a free press and provide proper scrutinisation of candidates' policies

    Written by James Phillips on 3rd March 2015


    Tougher rape guidelines introduced

    In a bid to reduce inconsistencies with rape prosecutions, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have introduced and issued new guidance to all police forces and prosecutors requiring suspects of date rape to prove that sex had been consented to. Farah Sheraz reports.

    Written by Redbrick on 5th February 2015


    Blog: Designing a Digital Feature

    Written by Josh Holder on 31st December 2012


    Blog: Building the US Elections Hub

    Written by Chris Hutchinson on 6th November 2012
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